Saturday , July 24 2021

The classic Ionic – Progressive through 15 full-length images –

Ionic vs. Progressive. Environment – two worlds: blue eyes and candles. Both of them themselves, but at the same time are completely different.

On one side (deceased) Kanellakis, Scott Brewster, Gribillas, Frusos and Daraklitsis. On the other hand, Soulis Papadopoulos, Syrios Afas, Angelopoulos, Almanidis and Zaimi. Behind you will find other less well-known children from Kokkinia. All unforgettable forms of endless contradictions and prestige. For & # 39; rum & # 39; the area. Until the next meeting.

The history of football Gregory Lambrakis is alive again on Sunday afternoons. Game for the 8th game of the Third National Group.

Nice has booked other traditional appointments with Korydallos and memories back to the past. Fifty years ago, in the first battle of two Piraeus clubs.

On Sundays at the Neapolis City Stadium, the results are more important than the scoreboard. The 1-0 with Kouiroukidis's nude shot from 20 & # 39; quite celebrated by Nike, both at the time and at the end, because everything that happened to 90 & # 39; does not change the results formed. Ionic is the boss. Until at least the Round 2 game of Korydallos.

The Eurocostal photography lens gives us … the smell of smoke and instills the intensity of the new version of the protagonists of historical marriage.

The big game starts so …

That continues …

And he finally …

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