Statement by M. Salla about the freezing of shares in Pancretan Bisnis Bank


Feasibility is behind "the blocking of shares in the Pancretan Cooperative Bank", former head of Bank of Piraeus Michalis Sallas. The commitment concerns the shares held in the Pancretan Bank and comes from the Money Laundering Authority, led by Deputy Atopagus Attorney Anna Zairi. This commitment concerns Mr. Sallas and its companies also participate in the Bank of Greece.


As is well known, the commitment was made not for certain cases but because of the court process by Mr. Michalis Sallas, which is being investigated or investigated by competent prosecutors.

On the occasion of the release of the issue, Sallas said he did not consider "the time or motive for leaking certain public authorities", he said.

He argued that the commitment mentioned by the press "went beyond the past and has been challenged in the presence of competent judicial officials, it is not my personal concern, because I am not a shareholder of the Pancretan Cooperative Bank. It concerns the participation of multi-party Lyktos, a single-purpose company , which I follow as a shareholder.

"The company has no relationship with the Bank's Piraeus business, and its purpose is the participation and development of the Pancretan Cooperative Bank.

The blocking of shares by the Authority cannot be explained in relation to the loan of Piraeus Bank to a business group, which has been paid in full for months, and does not involve Lyktos Participation. "

"From the very first moment I expressed interest in my participation in the Pancretan Cooperative Bank," former bank head Piraeus continued in his statement, "I received the attacks I faced with legal instruments.
At this point it should not be forgotten that the cooperative bank institutions are also badly damaged. "

Legal action

"I have been looking for appropriate legal action against anyone who is responsible and I will continue to do so to restore my reputation, name and damage to property. Apart from the obstacles presented, I continue to do my business," Sallas said.


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