Sigala: However! “Sofia” is doing her second job and your mind doesn’t know what she’s doing!


I come across a pile of grievances from your fellow actors, which have come to light in recent days and directed against a variety of personalities on the field and who hold positions of power.

Few things are known in our region, it is only time to reveal and, finally, to change the landscape, in the sense that everyone understands that there is no abuse of power. We are a team. To get good results in work, the whole team, from the smallest to the biggest, is required to give their best. We are all one. No one becomes a god himself. Therefore, there must be respect, love and proper treatment of all colleagues.

Have you experienced bullying at work?

Yes. I have experienced abuse of power. Things are not always fun. I understand that it is very difficult. I handle such incidents in a professional manner, several times that have happened to me. We also had bad collaborations on our journey, so we can end up appreciating and praising the good.

You have studied criminology, you are a forensic graphologist and you even practice the profession, document authenticity, checks and wills are certified. He spoke of this very different object.

Until 2011 I lived exclusively from acting. Experiencing unemployment hardship in our industry, I decided that I wanted to be able to choose professionally. With this logic I learned something else, so that I could be financially independent and only do work that represented me in acting.

Are you still a criminologist?

Of course. He doesn’t have a schedule. Every time the interrogator calls me, I tackle a case and, when I finish my investigation, I pass my report on to him, according to 7 Days TV magazine.


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