Tuesday , May 18 2021

Sentene: Greece will be judged by the Process of Supervision Enhanced by the Greek Economy

The positive direction of the Greek economy and overcoming fiscal targets, Eurogroup chairman Marios Senteno said today in Brussels, speaking at the European Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs.

M. Senteno warned that this year in Greece, Greece had successfully completed the third adjustment program. "Greece has not gone through easy days and even Greek citizens are lacking, because the country must go through a lot of reforms," ​​said M. Senteno.

Today, he said, the situation is far more positive, growth has returned to the fiscal targets achieved and the target for a 3.5% primary surplus has been overcome. Last June, he said, the Eurogroup decided all elements that marked the completion of the Greek program.

These include the latest installments of loans to Greece that create significant cash reserves for the country, which include their financing needs for the next 22 months, as well as measures for the sustainability of the Greek economy. M. Senteno stressed that Greece is committed to remaining on this positive path by implementing development policies and reforms. He added that Greece's progress would be assessed by the "Enhanced Surveillance" process and the Eurogroup expects tomorrow to publish the relevant Commission's report in collaboration with other institutions.

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