Saturday , May 8 2021

My Style Rocks: Ioanna Siabanis – Disappointed from the platform | Video

In the new episode My Style Rocks the judges presented the photos they received on several TV messages about his hairstyle Ioanna Siabanis. O Stelios Koudounaris watching the reality player is interrupted, disrupting the flow, demanding an explanation.

"We can't be blamed. The world sends us and we judge them. Now if you continue to do it or if you see these pictures or you don't see them, we can't find out," he said Stelios Koudounaris.

H Ioanna but insisted that this display was made by himself and not by several copies, inspired by images on the internet.

"This isn't the case, it's suffocating me right. Okay? I can't prove it. People look lazy, as if they don't have to do other work, to find pictures that fit my own clothes," he said as he got off the deck.

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