Martins: Confident in the view of Panathinaikos – Olympiacos


After a long time he scored more than two goals. How important is it to continue printing multiple times?
"If you compare two matches with Duddelz, that is similar in several phases, but today we are more efficient." and we want to continue, as we have done so far, we want to show the quality and games that we have shown that we are increasing. "

What impulse did this produce with Panathinaikos?
"As far as self-confidence is concerned and it helps us, it is good to have positive results, such as for the motivation that is already in our minds, we need to see the game with Panathinaikos, and on Sunday we will face a totally different opponent. It's not easy, but we do it easily because we are serious and solid. We get results that give us confidence in the derby's view. We will play tough matches against organized opponents and you need attention. "

What message will you send to the world in Panathinaikos's view?
"As I said to my previous players, we want to win on Sunday, because besides being a derby, there will be three important points, we need victory and results, we know that the world will be on our side and we on our side, we will appreciate this support, we will try to get results and concentrate on this game. "

Natcho has more organizational features and Fortune in a freer role. Is that something we expect in other games?
"Kostas put two goals because he had the chance, and the attributes of Natha's play helped when we saw him and his performance was effective between them, which does not mean that when Gühmerme, Buchalakis and Toure played, we did not want to see anything similar. We want to take advantage of the characteristics every player. "" We roam and this competition helps them to evolve and we try to get everyone what we can. "

Is Natha's injury serious?
"We have to wait for the next 48 hours, of course, as well as for Naule and Guerrero, and we want all players to be good and not lose our choice." Unfortunately we have to find a solution.

So, when a group has been formed, do you want to give us appreciation about what Olympiakos can do?
"We will wait until the last match, everything is balanced, we will see until the last day to see which team will win the qualification."


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