Katerina Karavatou and Maria Eliaki (video)


Maria Iliaki met TV after a long time Katerina Karavatou, Inside the Cu Kou nest, and talked a lot about it. Really, what happened in his life over the past two years from television?

"Two years ago, strange things happened in my life. I decided to leave a relationship that was not good for me, and I said I would start working with a Therapist. After one month was cut and I had to live alone with myself and see what what I will do from there, then I realized that what I did was not like and I had to fix it, I realized I had made a number of wrong choices, wrong behavior and life got me out. I saw the blessing I left because it was very "I help me like a human being. I think the main mistake I've made so far is that I don't enjoy anything, I always feel that I'm missing something. I haven't learned to enjoy simple things in life," said Maria Iliaki. And somewhere tears come first …

"I remember the first day telling me that this happened to this person, Stelios, and I cried," said Katerina Karavatou and Maria Iliaki talking about the man who changed his daily life: "I always thought it would make you happy. Not valid. If you are not right in yourself, I know Stelios for 7 years but I don't … When I feel good to me then that man comes into my life when I see and melt and I'm very happy. "

Karavatou – Iliaki: "Two years ago, a number of things happened …"


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