Tuesday , October 26 2021

Introductions in the series … in memory of Alexis


The police vehicle transports the suspect to GADA.


The new party of government authoritarianism. “Drowned” in an Athens police center with excluded citizens and dozens of arrests. The “Invincible Castle” is a monument to Alexandros Grigoropoulos by a powerful repressive force that forbids citizens (even in person) to leave a flower in memory of the invincible 15 year old.

The strong police force prevented residents from approaching the Alexandros Grigoropoulos monument at the intersection of Tzavella and Messolonghiou roads. The suppressive power has created a barrier to prevent those who wish to leave the flower.

Perimeter control – in the shadow of the decision of the EL.AS leader. for the ban on protests – they were so strict about making Athens a city controlled by the police and journalists couldn’t even get close to the monument.


With the government turning Exarchia into an occupation zone since this morning, more than 100 arrests have been recorded so far. The suspects were transferred to GADA and the Metagogon amphitheater.

In the morning, members of the KKE (ml) are trapped in a central bookstore in Athens (Gravia) when they try to reach the Grigoropoulos monument, observing all protective measures. A strong group of police was found in front of them and ten of them were arrested and taken to GADA.


Same image outside Chemio (Navarinou) with SEC members framed by police. During the same meeting were found union members, health workers, etc., with the police continuing the mass arrests.

Among those brought in was lawyer Thanasis Kampagiannis, who stated that “the police also prohibited individual attendance”.

Petros Konstantinou, Costas Papadakis, Panos Garganas, Christos Argyris, Zanneta Lysikatou, Dimitra Daskalakis, Katerina Patrikiou are also seen.

The police also proceeded to bring in people from Exarchia, transferring them to strangers for verification.


However, despite the prohibition, protesters observing all protective measures appeared at various places in central Athens holding banners or flowers in their hands.


The police prevented the KNE Central Council delegation from leaving a flower at Al’s location. Grigoropoulou.

More than 4,000 police officers, police cages and aura lined the center of the capital to ban public gatherings.

The addition in Thessaloniki too

Three young people were taken by police in Thessaloniki. Small demonstration was held in the city of Macedonia.

In front of the French Institute, on Stratou Avenue, ANTARSYA members kept their distance, waved protest banners briefly, shouted slogans and dispersed.

At the same time, members of the left-wing extra-parliament gathered in Nea Paralia holding placards with slogans and left.

Του President of the Athens Bar Association (DSA), Dimitris Vervesos, expressed his protest against the arrests of lawyers at the scene where Alexandros Grigoropoulos was killed.

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