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Farmer subsidies for recipients of Bank Piraeus – Crete

Accounts are credited with a 70% down payment – No bankers are expected

Money corresponding to an advance of 70% of basic assistance is deposited into Piraeus Bank.

On Friday, money destined for producers at other banks will also enter. Always with Piraeus Bank's money transfer agent who returns his role like never before.

It should be noted that the newspaper report "NK" confirms the intention of the Minister of Rural Development and Food, Mr. Makis Voridis, to remain an unpaid producer after our national anniversary 28h October and for that to happen famous bankers other than Piraeus Bank, who don't have bankers, may not apply.

So, according to information recently given to by EASI Vice President Mr. Myron Chiletzakis, money is transferred tomorrow without a baler (ie a two or three day deduction, which is done to benefit banking institutions from interest money). ), at the bank, except Piraeus.

In addition, OPEKEPE has released detailed announcements of amounts paid in advance and payments, as well as producer categories, which for various reasons have not yet seen money in their accounts.

Among other things OPECEPE reported that the 70% down payment from basic assistance for 2019 was EUR 683,052,227.06 and was intended for 538,037 beneficiaries.

"It should be noted that the 2019 Single Assistance Application was submitted by 646,141 producers, where the recipient of the basic assistance is 591,007, while the amount paid above corresponds to 98.3% of the total aid that qualifies based on the application.

During a cross-examination of the 2019 basic down payment of aid payments, it was found that it affected some or all of the beneficiary payments. This specific finding is mainly related to:

  1. Farmers (49,841) with a base amount of less than 250 euros. If, after calculating the next payment, the total amount is greater than EUR 250, the payment will be paid.
  2. Farmers (44) who do not meet the criteria of active farmers in accordance with Article 9 Can (EU) 1307/2013. Both the direct payment amount that qualifies for the 2018 application year and their financial data for the 2018 tax year are used to test the producers' criteria. This audit was conducted by the Ministry of Finance's Independent Public Revenue Office (HRAD).
  3. Farmers (780) are waiting for the results of the examination of criteria for active farmers because the income tax clearance work has not been completed by the Ministry of Finance.
  4. Farmers (1,657) await the completion of administrative control applications for the transfer of rights (presentation of additional supporting documents, complex cases of inheritance, etc.). The total number of applications for rights transfer is 34,484.
  5. Farmers (470) who do not identify the bank account details stated in the Single Aid Application with banking institutions.
  6. Farmers (2,933) were found to be non-beneficiaries following the OPECEPE audit because of the large differences between reported and identified data.
  7. Farmers (2,785) without documentation of ownership of all or part of the package stated in the Single Assistance Application 2019 with respect to data held by AAD.

OPEKEPE, in collaboration with AADE, immediately began resolving pending cases for beneficiaries of categories 2 & 3 above and will be sent a file with further processing by the Ministry of Finance, to allocate the right amount for subsequent payments. For other categories, it should be noted that the system for submitting administrative actions for the 2019 Single Assistance Application will be open to OPECEPE Regional Services in the coming period. "

They can be informed either from their bank (via debit card) or the farmers tab at:

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