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According to SKAI, the explosive device did not explode because of an error (bad connection).


The alarm triggered Tuesday morning in Greek Police after a telephone call to install an explosive device on Adramythou Street in Vyronas.

Unknown requests 03.54 at dawn at the zougla.gr office and warns that an explosive device will be activated at 18 Adramytiou street in Vyronas in 20 minutes. "It's not a hoax," he said.

The police ruled out the area, while part of the Explosive Mechanism Handling Department (TEEM) was on site. According to the information SKAI, the explosion mechanism does not explode by mistake (bad cable).

From surveys, improvised explosive mechanisms were found in pots, outside the flat block where Deputy Attorney General Isidoros Doğyakos lives.

Authorities have told local residents not to leave their homes.

Explosive House Prosecutor at Vyron
According to SKAI, the explosive device did not explode because of an error (bad connection).
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