Sunday , April 11 2021

Exceptions for Vereli and others 47 for the supply of 90 trolleybuses – Newsbeast

An appeal for a 90-trolley supply agreement in early 2000, known as the "Human Case", was dropped by the Appeals Council after nine years of research.

With motions (1548/2018), the competent judicial council decided to release 48 people, including well-known political figures, who were brought to court in the context of seeking money laundering in Greece and other countries, amounting to 16 million euros. .

Among the people involved in this case were former Minister Christos Verelis, who has served as chairman of the inter-party committee which has decided on the questionable market and resigned from the parliamentary office for reasons of affection, as well as other political figures who refilled or participated in a bipartite committee for the procurement, by law, or representing political bodies that belong to them, such as Yannis Maniatis, Yiannis Zanias, Mariliza Xenogiannakopoulou and Panagiotis Sofou.

In fact, in the same case, the names of senior judges involved in committees under the law were also involved by the Court of Auditors and public officials.

Surveys in Greece began in 2009 on the basis of reports that German courts have targeted unlawful payments.

A long-standing survey, in which around EUR 2.5 million was traded was detected, not indicating that black money is being traded for the relevant market. As stated in the notice, "no investigation has resulted in the payment of a sum of money to anyone involved in the case and who is more or less likely to decide or influence the provision of critical supplies to ELVO SA companies and Neoman Bus GmbH». Only two non-politicians separate from the case, because their number of up to € 100,000 was found in their account and referred to the court.

It is worth mentioning that Mr Verelis was given the right to appear as a civil prosecutor in claims for damage.

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