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EMST Director Katerina Koskinas in "K": Someone misinformed the Minister | Greece

"There was a lot of tension in the positive moment for EMST and I was accused of being wrong," said Katerina Koskinas.

"The way we work and we have been active here is exemplary. With sponsorship, negotiation, work and enormous respect, as we owe, to the fiscal situation in our country," said the art director of the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST), defending his work .

Katerina Koskinas responded to the "K" question only after a sharp announcement of her mandate, issued by the Ministry of Culture. The aggressive style and what they associate with it has created a very bad climate. "I respect the Minister's work, and I believe that he has been a victim of misinformation," said Mrs. Koskina, while in my question if he would retake EMST's position, he replied: "I think if I do not declare participation, it will be like I don't want to defend my job. "

– They blame you indirectly, but clearly, that the museum remains closed. What do you answer?

– As you know, money to the museum does not depend on me, nor is it possible to add staff, or even hope, to full operations. At a press conference, the Chairperson of the Council referred to them. George Papanastasiou. As I said, always telling the Ministry of Culture, which has helped many of them, I have worked with the cooperation of people and EMST colleagues to secure the preconditions they have to do and which they have not done. All complete function studies have been completed, submitted and approved.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (ISN) is clear about the strict conditions. To approve donations for equipment and conducting studies, adequate and quality operational and personnel costs must be guaranteed to make the museum fully operational. The donation involves special requests and not the museum's operational costs. This is the responsibility and responsibility of the state.

– You argue that despite the delay in fulfilling the ISV schedule to contribute to the museum, it will be absorbed in time. Are you sure about this? Will the museum open next July?

– The ministry announcement said it had not received the schedule from the museum. But if not, then why is my delay two months, regardless of whether I am responsible or not? The new director will find in his office a museology study that I described and where all the other studies "stopped". If you want to apply it and there are no problems, then I believe that the goal is feasible, even though it depends on other factors, which I mentioned at the press conference, the main time frame of work, which is only a specialist technical advisor, will emerge in the coming days , will be able to prepare after conducting an autopsy and see the research.

If you don't want to implement it – because it's true – then I can't predict when EMST will be fully operational. Is it possible for the ministry to "require" new directors to apply my research, but that is not the same and will not be morally correct. There will be contradictions, because it is preceded by public devaluation efforts of my seriousness and professional competence, where my study is part.

– According to the ministry, the budget you requested for 2019 is 100% increased without adequate justification. What should you say about this?

– I don't ask for anything personally. The budget has been deposited by the Chairperson of the Board of Directors. with authorization from the Board of Directors. to the Ministry of Home Affairs, with an explanation statement needed. Why is the increase so big? So I ask you to make a comparison. What if for 2018, the routine subsidy received by the museum is 800,000 euros when only the salary costs with an incomplete staff are around 945,000 euros, can it function fully? I do not need to mention anything else about the non-elastic operating costs of energy-intensive development covering an area of ​​20,000 m². and consolidation of museum laws. That is why many meetings are held at the Ministry of Home Affairs and there is understanding and good will to overcome difficulties. When EMST filed last year's budget in July 2017, it once again requested a significant improvement, with the intention to submit a new donation request to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and the prospect that if we have positive developments until March 2018, we will try to formalize the museum once again with overcome our natural resilience at the end of 2018. All of this is recorded in official documents and correspondence with the ministry. That is not feasible. This is very understandable, because we all know the economic situation of the country and the Ministry of Environment, which is always malnourished. I believe that if modern art is not considered luxurious, perhaps the necessary funds have been found. But this is a big debate. However.

EMST requested an extraordinary grant of € 731,681 to cover the payment gap and other operational costs of the museum. When the goal in 2019 is to make the museum fully operational, it does not need to be said that it should, if not double, at least significantly increase the number of staff, as stipulated in the internal rules of agreed procedures. This resulted in an increase in the payroll amount of around EUR 1.9 million. Each, the operating costs will increase because the surface to be used is multiplied. Now less than half of the buildings are used. For these facts, it is best to refer to the relevant EMST department, namely the accounting or financial services department of the National Economic Ministry, which checks it. I do not think that a museum is a wasteful museum, which, for all other costs (operating costs, project purchases, participation in international exhibitions, etc.), is estimated at EUR 1 million for the first year of operation. Just imagine that only the second semester will be fully operational in 2019. The way we work and work so far is exemplary. By sponsoring, negotiating, working and very respectfully, as we owe, to the fiscal situation in our country.

– You are characterized by the Ministry of Culture as "rigid in cooperation". How do you comment on it?

– I don't know who the ministry delivered to me with these adjectives. I can't answer questions because of basic self-esteem reasons. If you tell me who feels me, it will make sense.

– How can your relationship with the developing Minister of Myrsini Zorba Culture be seen as a character of inconsistency?

– The Minister is undoubtedly a scientist and an important personality with excellent offers in many areas of public life. I honestly respect him and his work and I believe it has been a victim of misinformation. I don't want to think about anything else. I believe that the work he has to do is big and difficult, and I am afraid that some people tell him that it is wrong. Maybe the same who wrote the announcement for the press conference at EMST.

– After the latest developments, will you be nominated for the position of the EMST Directorate or do you think the call for competition is a pre-trial process?

– I stand in public supporting a transparent selection procedure. I don't need to be afraid. I am a professional and a scientist. However, many things have changed since Thursday. There was a lot of tension in the positive moment for EMST and I was accused of being wrong. I have a dilemma. Besides that, I read yesterday and called for interest. If I participate, it is like legitimizing a process where experience, degree and doctorate are of lower value than "interviews" with leading evaluators, but not known.

Notifications can reduce the candidate's qualifications and increase the opinion of the evaluators.

I think it's legitimate to know who will evaluate it. I will wait. I need to be calm after all this, to decide whether I will accept to participate. But I think if I don't declare participation, it will be like I don't want to defend my job.

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