Thursday , June 24 2021

Bulan in Scorpio SDNA

The moon in Scorpio refers to the preservation of the human self and is associated with libido. If you are born with the Moon in this position, you have great passion and a lot of stubbornness in you.

Your emotions are too strong and often depend on lust. You may be impatient, bitter, and still scream. You get hurt easily, you become jealous, you remain "maniac" and you take revenge. Often, judging others is very rushed and feels the need to dominate, using various methods.

You do not tolerate opposition or disruption to your goals, but you will often make great sacrifices if they show your kindness. You have managerial skills, you have good business sense and passion. Even though you are sudden and impulsive, you are confident and can succeed. You usually get what you hunt, even though there are times when your victory is Pyrrhea.

Because you are rather jealous, proud and possessive, the position of this Moon does not promise a harmonious marriage. The desire to dominate is often reflected in relationships with your children. That may be the result of the dominance of parents or the idealization of large parents, usually mothers. With this lunar position, as a mother you may be too possessive and difficult to leave your child, especially if you are male.

You are dedicated to ending and enjoying every program you adopt, and when you are so absorbed, you don't seem to have mercy. Your personality is deep, you have an acute touch to understanding other people's characters. You often like to explore unknown domains, search deeply and like to solve mysteries.

You feel the senses as a means of pleasure, not as knowledge, responding with intensity and passion for life and sex. Your ability to observe is unlimited. The power of your will is hidden, but when you use it, you have spectacular results.

Negative use of the Moon in Scorpio can cause sexual exaggerations, large deviations or contractions. Your greatest need is to learn to forgive and forget, and control your deep emotions. As long as your senses are so important, you must listen to them. You are very devoted to your home and extraordinary talent is cooking.

The woman with the Moon in Scorpio is very charming, with a look full of passion and intensity. You dress elegantly, even though some of you tend to be the most challenging style to indirectly express your sexuality. Enjoy sex and if there are aspects of the planet in your horoscope, you have a moment of polygamy or you have difficulty meeting

A man in this position is looking for a sensual companion but also calm enough to have and enjoy it. Because he is very closed and very personal, he needs an intuitive companion to guess his mood.

Your big problem is the absolutes that you have in your love relationship because you don't tolerate infidelity and you become excessive. After you find that your partner is not fine, you cannot forgive him. You are emotionally frozen and once you get hurt, you act aggressively and revengefully.

Your work attracts finance, bro, insurance, medicine, but especially operations.


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