Tuesday , October 26 2021

Angelos Latsios: Negative comments about a party amid lockdowns and answers


Angelos Latsios gives the answer for himself on occasion what was heard and written about the coveted party.

It all started with a photo from a post on his personal Instagram account about Eleni Menegaki’s eldest son.

This photo shows Angelos Latsios with seven other people in a friendly home having fun together. Many people thought the party was taking place lately, given the great coronavirus pandemic that has hit our country in recent months.

However Angelos Latsios, a few hours ago, posted the photo and revealed the real date of the party. The photo he published was taken on September 26 of the same year and with this post he clarifies what he heard and wrote.

Angelos Latsios put an end to the tremendous grief that has occurred in the past twenty-four hours on media and on social media. There were many who criticized him but Eleni Menegaki’s son explained what happened in the best possible way, surprising everyone.

Look at the photo he posted a few hours ago.

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