Wednesday , May 19 2021

"A kiss in front of a flag is an expression of freedom"

As he said, "the photo was not intended to offend or damage the Greek flag"

H Eleonora's study, yesterday midnight on Alpha, welcomed one of the most talked about in recent days. Police officer Michal Loli, who is in charge of public opinion, has uploaded a kiss photo with his colleague, in front of the Greek flag, on his social media account. Racist and homophobic comments that followed were thousands. Mihalis Lolis decided to speak exclusively at the "After Midnight" Alpha, revealing everything, with a sincere mood and without hesitation. As the photo says, he did not intend to insult or damage the Greek flag.

"Racism is a contagious forum with a lack of humanity, nationalism, totalitarianism in general, and homophobia. In the photo we see two men kissing in front of the Greek flag. The Greek flag is a symbol of freedom. For anyone who doesn't know, the white line means freedom. It's not all this is done to erase the symbol. There won't be such a reaction if he does something similar to a straight partner. "Police officers also talked about how his family manages the revelation of his sexual orientation.

"My parents are not blamed because they also live in heterogeneous societies. I have a reaction with my mother regarding the flag. She told me," I love you, you are my whole life, you know that, but don't provoke it. " how do I challenge? How can I challenge? I help. When I say I'm gay, all my childhood friends leave me. I feel fine. I decided that this is what I serve. I have heard from a relative recently this, my cousin that "you know something, you can lead them to suicide." If my father and my mother committed suicide because I was gay, a good paradise. Since then, my relationship with my parents has been extraordinary. "My father's reaction is," what can we do to help you? "Now they are also proud of the struggle I have given, helping people," said Michalis Lolis.

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