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Wutbürger- "Tatort" from Hamburg: Naive Falkirk dealing with Internet rules

Cologne –

Investigators Julia Grosz (Franziska Weisz) and Thorsten Falke (Wotan Wilke Möhring) deal with shot thieves in "Tatort Treibjagd". TV reviews.

That case

During nocturnal theft, the young offender was shot dead by homeowner Dieter Kranzbühler (Jörg Pose). The shooter claimed to have acted in self-defense. Thorsten Falke (Wotan Wilke Möhring) and his colleague Julia Grosz (Franziska Weisz) have great doubts there. The gun that the thief had was a puppet, and he held it in his right hand even though he was left-handed. And Kranzbühler shot the dead man's boyfriend. He is on the run – and not only sought by the police, but also by brother Dieter, Bernd (Andreas Lust).

The solution

The audience has the advantage of knowledge, because soon after Dieter's deadly shot had recognized his brother the facts. Triggered by the opinions of Bernd and Siggi Reimer (Sascha Nathan) on the Internet, he decided to practice justice in vigilante. He shot the thief and hurt his girlfriend. Then he put the gun in his hand. Bernd then wanted to find Maja in front of the police, to silence them. He tried to strangle him, but then let him go. Then he stabbed him.

The topic

With social networking, Hamburg investigators, Falke, it doesn't seem like that. When he and his colleague Grosz were subjected to angry residents during their investigation into a series of burglary and mass attacks on the Internet, Falke was shocked. He was sure he could master the problem by fading. The mechanism behind Shitstorm understands Grosz much better.


Dark season is a high season for thieves, this "crime scene" is perfect for the season, it's not always the case. Because of fear of a series of breakthroughs, the average German became an angry citizen, "Treibjagd" (book: Benjamin Hessler, Florian Oeller, directed by Samira Radsi) unfortunately only worked in isolation, and also surprised Falkians who naively handled the rules of the Internet and Shitstorm . However, the film managed to raise several important questions and build tension.

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