Sunday , January 17 2021

Windows Update 10 October 2018: It's back

For November Patchday, Microsoft has re-released "Update October 2018" for Windows 10. In the new version of the operating system, also known as version 1809, sometimes serious errors that cause the termination of the delivery of the new version in early October must be removed. Also, Windows Server 2019 is available again.

Like Microsoft manager John Cable in one A promising blog post, this time the distribution via Windows Update is slower than in version 1803. This is intended to evaluate error reports and more accurate telemetry data to deal with problems faster.

Version 1809 now starts with build number 17763.134; Now released in waves through Windows Update. The installation package can also be downloaded with the 1809er Media Creation Tool.

Microsoft released version 1809 on October 2 for the general public, passing the beta test phase "Preview Release" – a phase that was explicitly designed to identify problems with the installation of updates from the current stable release to the new release. After a few days, reports of data loss piled up, forcing Microsoft to withdraw the new version. Then, more errors were added, such as inconsistencies in unpacking Zip archives, and it became clear that Microsoft knew beforehand the problem – or at least knew, if reports of beta test errors were only properly evaluated.

Serious bugs are now fixed. Those who choose not to depend on it and use Windows 10 Pro or higher can delay the automatic installation of new editions a few months. How to do this is in the FAQ t on Update Features for Windows 10.


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