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WhatsApp Warning: Update Cause Massive Power Consumption Problems


WhatsApp has problems to complain about the latest updates. As such, the power consumption of many smartphones has increased sharply – waiting for a solution.

  • Since one WhatsApp update Many smartphones consume more power
  • user complain about the problem
  • that Short Message Service haven't commented on the difficulties

Almost everyone uses the application: WhatsApp has become the leading chat application in recent years. But the short message service sometimes has some unpleasant surprises for its users. Like now – how Reportedly, is the youngest update consumes significantly more power on some Android smartphones. This is not the first damage that has been complained of by WhatsApp customers.

Whatsapp Update: Android smart phones must consume significantly more power

Actually, an update from application Improvements to enable consumers to operate more customer-friendly. However, often this backfires.

WhatsApp: Massive power consumption after update – Angry users

According to the report, the application seems to be more for many users current to consume as before. Even if it only runs in the background and is not actively used. The device is therefore even after only two hours under a quarter battery capacity lose. On Twitter, users have complained about it. One person complained about 68 percent consumption.

Battery consumption increases after update – WhatsApp requires a lot of power

The problem is because it's not only OnePlus smartphone be affected. How report complaints on the Google Play Store that also originate from the device huawei. Google and Xiaomi has increased power consumption. On the other hand it should be SamsungThe device is not among the smartphones affected by this problem. WhatsApp itself apparently does not want to comment on the problem.

Increased power consumption with WhatsApp – unclear cause

For consumers, the negative impact lately an update Of course, now the question arises as to what can be done for it. The answer is serious, if there are no alternatives. As is the case, there is no way to respond to adversity correctly. It remains the classic way to be telephone to switch to energy saving mode. And hope the service will install another update soon that fixes the difficulty again – or uninstall WhatsApp.

Many online services were reported on Wednesday, November 13th. Affected were, among others, Netflix, Google and Amazon.

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