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Users who deleted WhatsApp "cannot be canceled" – they did nothing wrong


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WhatsApp attracts interference from multiple users – many users lock their accounts overnight, with no possibility of reactivation.

  • WhatsApp has blocked many users who are truly shocked.
  • The key often has nothing to do with affected user behavior.
  • WhatsAppUsers find it difficult to protect themselves from problems.

Typically, application operators want to attract as many users as possible. WhatsApp However, some of them seem user just want to get rid of. In recent days, people in various forums have reported that their accounts and their friends' accounts have been blocked without warning – it can't be canceled! Initial analysis suggests: Whatever Group namewhere they are members. Group titles consist of almost all cases of pornography, glorifying violence or problematic words.

Error alone? The problem is that these groups seem to be normal groups, like friends, or even um organizational network student. In one case, one of the contributors to the WhatsApp-themed website, wabetainfo, reported it members of the group change the name to frighten (almost 100) the remaining group members. Even though the name has been changed in one minute, all members have been banned.

WhatsApp Support: Affected people do not receive answers

A user named u / Mowe11 wrote on Reddit: "I can't be canceled has been blocked by WhatsAppbecause one person from our university group changed the name to 'child pornography' and now the whole group is locked up. "He continued," We tried to contact support, but we all only got one automatic answerthat we have broken the rules. But we did nothing wrong. "

Permanent ban on r / whatsapp

Quickly a whole set of other stakeholders have reported, all the same messages from support which also states that they will not get another answer. You may have no choice but to change the number – or move up whatsapp to leave. A user can indeed be his Save chat history from backupBut he was afraid that this could be fatal to him again after days. When the case exits, it does not appear from the forum.

WhatsApp can only identify illegal groups through metadata

One reason WhatsApp's approach could be is End-to-end encryption be, in conjunction with the platform claim, illegal organization leave no space. Because of encryption, WhatsApp does not have access to chat content even though there are some data leaks. To check, what is the attitude of the user, just keep it metadata, i.e. creation date, group description, and group name. It seems to scan the chat service with at least a partial automatic algorithm. Only algorithms seem to have a weak spot – or don't seem to have considered this vulnerability in the group.

Response to Twitter WhatsApp users with very little understanding. A user cannot believe it: "This is too strange to be true," he wrote. Another brief comment with "#deletewhatsapp", "delete WhatsApp"Other comments point in this direction:Facebook has killed WhatsApp ". Although there are always new features, many users are not satisfied with the fact that Facebook has taken over the chat service.

So far, the group has not yet responded. So there is nothing more users can do no group name is misleading to use. For very large groups it can be beneficial Limit editing options for members. So, at least the possibility of a member comes to mind is stupid.

The new update from WhatsApp seems to have unpleasant consequences for consumers.

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