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Universe: "Pretzels" found in space: About 700 light years

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An extraordinary and strange discovery in the universe: Astronomers are now taking pictures of a phenomenon that could originate from the Free State of Bavaria.

Munich – There is "Bavarian Sky" at Oktoberfest in the hacker tent and in the Bavarian song that reads: "And get the color, the sky, white and blue". Maybe proud Bavarians should look into the darkness of the universe – and their hearts will open.

Cosmic pretzels are found in the universe

European Southern Observatory (ESO) has now made a spectacular discovery in space. The photo was taken from a large radio telescope in the Andes. Astronomers have been able to make a very sharp resolution of two bright slices, in the center of which grows two young stars. The tissue around the "baby star" looks like a cosmic pretzel – or Brezn, as Bayer says. The two discs were found in Barnard 59 Dark Nebula, about 600 to 700 light years from Earth.

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In this video you can see "pretzels" in the universe:

Indeed, you need a little imagination, but then you get an interesting picture.

"Baby Stars" and "Cosmic Pretzels": New Insights into the Birth of Stars

The stars absorb material from the ring to grow bigger. "The size of each of these discs is similar to the asteroid belt in our solar system. The distance between them is 28 times the distance between the Sun and Earth," explains Felipe Alves of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics.

"We finally visualized the complex structure of young binary stars with their filaments connecting them to the discs they were born in. This provides an important limitation for current star formation models," Alves explained.

A scientist involved in the Mars mission in 1976 now writes about the possibility of life on this planet – and "ghostly light". Frankfurter Rundschau also reports on the Mars thesis of researcher Gilbert Levin.

An asteroid has been found that goes straight to Earth. Will our planet be hit by a celestial body in the near future?

Some people have observed strange fireballs in the southern sky of Munich. For a moment he pulled the train in the sky, reported *. What's behind it? And is there a traffic site?

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