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Uli Hoeneß left the bridge at Bayern Munich


When Uli Hoeneß picks up the phone on Sunday, certainty grows that the time will soon be over. The great FC Bayern president, who calls like a retiree lives at the "Doppelpass" soccer table in Sport 1 to express his anger at the discussion! With all due respect for the "double pass": Hoeness usually sits with Anne Will and Sabine Christiansen and explains the world to millions of people.

There is a popular journalistic gimmick to illustrate how long a person has been active in public: refers to historical events that occur when the person appears in the spotlight. Uli Hoeness entered 1970 as a young Bundesliga stage performer. That was a year after the moon landing, in Germany Willy Brandt had just taken over the government, the Americans fought in Vietnam, the Beatles broke up, for at least three years there had been color television. So you could say it's been a long time.

From 1970 to the present, Uli Hoeneß, Bayern Munich and the Bundesliga soccer team are inseparable, and coach Joachim Loew was right when he said that Hoeneß had formed German football "like no other". Even more than Beckenbauer, in any case more than Loew.

Otto Rehhagel is often referred to as a "Bundesliga child", Hoeness at that time was a teenager, a teenager and then a Bundesliga adult. All the developments football has made in those decades since the moon landing and color television can be traced back to the name Uli Hoeness: commercialization, globalization, modernization, boulevardisasi, exaltation of this sport.

It is almost a funny phenomenon that Hoeneß, of all people, has always made himself a goalkeeper, conservative footballer who hates the Internet, sending crews in leather clothing to Oktoberfest and dribbling the heads of the players. He is actually a racer to make football in Germany as big business.

He himself tried to save his old methods through the days of big business and at the same time shoot at the big wheels of the Bundesliga event machine. That might make it so special: the balancing act between laptops and leather pants, between folklore and big money. The fact that the way to make transfers as a form of pirate to fend off the competition of the best players, might have worked in the eighties and nineties, but now it was no longer a business, he just realized too late. Secret meetings at highway stops are no longer sophisticated at some point.

In external presentations can not be predicted

In fact, his second presidency, returning to prison, was no longer happy. Hoeness increasingly makes the impression that the strings are no longer in hand. That makes it erratic, external presentations unpredictable, even for the club itself. In the past, his attacks, blasts of alleged anger, were in fact deliberately designated as pin-pricks, agreed at a club and elaborated and then counted. No longer.

Her tone becomes coarse, sometimes at the vulgar end. The good gentlemen on the Bayern council, who have taken command now, can and certainly do not like it. More and more, his appearance under "Oh, yes, Uli has just been" reduced, good enough for entertainment on private television and social media. There are almost no lyrics about him that fit without the long "lag time". All this culminated in a whistle at last year's annual general meeting. Hoeness said he wanted to leave before being driven out of the yard like everyone else. He just had that moment.

When Hoeneß announced his departure, a caricature appeared, which showed him as a stylish Bismarck, after drawing the famous "Punch": The pilot left the ship. The comparison is not wrong. Bismarck, the polarizer, the person in power, the person who determines everything, in the end was also the person who was described as, and possibly was, yesterday. And the meaning remains indisputable.

Leave a luxurious collection of quotes

Hoeneß has been the Bundesliga master for years. His duel with Werder's manager, Willi Lemke, with Christoph Daum from Cologne has become league history, his battle with the media is the same, in 50 years he has left a collection of greeting quotes that everyone knows from "the mood that makes you but you are responsible even" for the famous "That's not yet". No exception, he has been enriched as active by losing his capital punishment in the final of the European Championship in 1976, sports coverage of the word "night sky". Which closes the landing circle to the moon again.

In the weeks before the annual general meeting, the winners will say goodbye to each other, who must be careful not to be obituary. Because of this Hoeneß also quickly tried to destroy any impression, here attracting someone from the public. To avoid this, Hoeness could never, as often as he had announced before. The only question is how much weighted his words if he no longer runs a responsible office. If Hoeneß's comments come from outside then it's really just football folklore.

He certainly does not deserve it and his life for FC Bayern.

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