Saturday , July 24 2021

The new week starts with a single digit temperature – dpa

Offenbach (dpa) – A little snow, a little rain: The new week in Germany starts to get uncomfortable and cold. The temperature remains only one digit during the day and reaches a maximum value of up to 7 degrees. This was announced by the German Weather Service (DWD) on Sunday.

At night, it can drop to minus 8 degrees for ice and smoothness. The reason is the high "Burckhard", on the edge of Germany, explained Florian Bilgeri of DWD. Because of the flow generated from the northeast, the air is much cooler than before reaching Germany.

After a largely sunny weekend, Monday starts with lots of clouds and in some places with rain, which according to DWD can go down like snow above 500 meters. But sledging is not enough, as explained by the Bilger DWD expert. "The amount of fresh snow is also low in the mountains." The maximum value reaches between 0 degrees on the edge of the Alps which is higher and 7 degrees northwest. At night then cools to 3 to minus 8 degrees. Sometimes smooth.

Even on Tuesday, it will continue to be more friendly with lots of clouds. Just south of Main, according to DWD, sometimes the sun can win. With a daily altitude of 0 to 5 degrees, the temperature remains cold. At night, the temperature drops to minus 5 degrees. In the middle of the week, it's usually dry, but Wednesday, besides lots of clouds, can sometimes appear with bright parts. The peak value reaches west and at sea 6, if not 1 to 4 degrees. Even at night until Thursday, it can be smooth again.

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