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Rammstein: Commissioner of Anti-Semitism criticized the band for music videos – politics



Anti-Semitism Commissioner: Rammstein has gone too far

The Anti-Semitism Commissioner of the Federal Government, Felix Klein, warned: The inhibition of hatred towards Jews in Germany has fallen.

Rammstein: Three things you need to know about rockers

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Berlin. Commissioner of Anti-Semitism from the Federal Government, Felix Klein, has a "new high point" of Anti-Semitism in Germany warn. "Anti-Semitism is always present in the bourgeoisie in Germany. But today people are more open minded. Obstacles have declined, for example, through the spread of hatred and brutality on the Internet," Klein told our editor.

In political culture, handling is also becoming more rough, including AFD contribute, said the anti-Semitism commissioner.

Rammstein in criticism – That's what happened:

  • The Commissioner's Anti-Semitism from the Federal Government, Felix Klein, commented on anti-Semitism in Germany
  • He said the threshold of inhibition for anti-Semitic statements had declined
  • He criticized the band Rammstein for the music video

Klein reacts to the new Study of the Jewish World CongressAccording to which 27 percent of all Germans have anti-Semitic thoughts,
"Süddeutsche Zeitung" has reported that. "The previous poll assumed that around 15 to 20 percent of Germans had a latent antisemitic attitude," Klein stressed. "Anti-Semitism regarding Israel in Germany is even higher by 40 percent."

Therefore, the video caused a furor:

Rammstein wants to increase sales figures for the album

Here, for example, today's action Israeli government equated with what it is Nazi Jewish population in Europe.

"There is also brutality in society, for example in music," stressed the anti-Semitism commissioner. "When bands like Rammstein increase sales for their album
want by members as concentration camp prisoners Dressed up, who wished for their death, some were overreaching. "This has an impact on the community center.

As a consequence, Klein saw State and society more in assignments. "It's a shame that a lot of anti-Semitic crimes are being prosecuted by prosecutors." The court must be more aware of anti-Semitism.

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