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New pill: Aids must be defeated in ten years – Zurich – Limmattal

Zurich-based professor of medicine, Jan Fehr believes: "With the help of PrEP, Switzerland can become the first country in the world in 2030 to no longer have new HIV infections. AIDS can be defeated at that time," he told «NZZ am Sonntag». Its optimism is based on pre-exposure prophylaxis, in short PrEP.It acts like a bastion against AIDS: When HIV attacks humans, two active substances block their multiplication, rather than spreading through the bloodstream, the virus dies, the protection is as reliable as a condom. This product has been approved in the US since 2012, in the EU since 2016. In Switzerland, this product may not be used for prevention.Therefore, doctors prescribe drugs "off-label" – for other than permitted use. Monthly ration of the original preparation of Truvada worth 900 francs, because of its price, gay men import generic drugs from the EU for 70 euros or from Africa for 40 dollars, Swissmedic tolerates imports. Observational across the country SwissPEPEPared, which was launched in the spring at the University of Zurich, is intended to improve this situation. It examines the effects of pre-exposure prophylaxis. Participants receive Truvada for 40 francs a month. Four times a year, they test for venereal disease and answer questions about their physical and mental health. So far, 820 people have registered, by the end of 2020 there must be 3000. (Mgt)

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