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Markus Lanz (ZDF): "That's enough!" Ziemiak handled wildly – the set of moderators


Attack on "Markus Lanz" on ZDF: CDU Secretary General Paul Ziemiak was brutally attacked during the round of talks.

  • Attack on ZDF talks "Markus Lanz" on Thursday, November 14, 2019.
  • Guests are the Secretary General of the CDU Paul Ziemiak, World Journalist Claudia Kade, Silvermoon singer Stefanie Dumplings and Holocaust victims Zivi Cohen.
  • Ziemiak CDU politicians insist about Seizure of power in his party. But in the end he had to make a confession.

Hamburg – "AKK – Everyone can come. And now Merz arrives, "opened Mark Lanz lecture on Thursday night, November 14. But a week before the CDU party congress on November 22 and 23 in Leipzig it seemed CDU Secretary General Paul Ziemiak don't really know about his party's problems right now. At least that is desired Kramp-Karrenbauer promoting CDU politicians from the fight Friedrich Merz don't know anything against party leaders. And there were no announcements wanting to have a "programmed speech" at the party congress directly after the Kramp-Karrenbauer speech itself.

Kade on ZDF Talk "Markus Lanz": "Honestly – that sucks!"

When asked who is over Merz's speech at the party congress Decide, explain Paul Ziemiak in Mark Lanz in ZDFthat speech time follows the motto "who comes first, serves first". "If Friedrich Merz He quickly ran forward and threw down his notes ", so he could also give his speech after thatKramp-Karrenbauer hold it, Ziemiak said. "But I don't know why this is such a problem," said the Secretary General of the CDU innocently.

"Mr. Ziemiak, where did you learn to open your eyes, so you can talk like this," asked Markus Lanz funny but seriously. It was not only the applause of the audience supporting Lanz in his assessment that challenged this format Ziemiak could not have escaped. Ziemiak himself must laugh a little too.

World journalist Claudia Kade then asks the real question: "Is Adenauerhaus with the party chairman and with you as Secretary General, is this control in the party still in the hands?" – "And you have no impression," concluded the journalist himself.

ZDF-Talk "Markus Lanz": Ziemiak doesn't want to comment on Merz and AKK

Friedrich Merz Want to speak according to the Kramp-Karrenbauer report, Ziemiak said. After the party chairman's speech Every party member has the opportunity to speak. In this speech, he understood, Merz wanted to talk.

The attempt to tame the conflict between Kramp-Karrenbauer and Merz was artificially successful but unsuccessful. Because before Markus Lanz asked the next question, the ZDF presenter made it clear that he did not see that the CDU was talking about content at a party congress. "Even if you will say over and over during the program that this is about content," Lanz Ziemiak pointed out, clearly: "It's about one Showdown by Friedrich Merz and Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. The question of how long who was slapped with. "

Ziemiak tries personal debate to be deported to the media. Fewer applications reported. The journalists then sought a fight – "one against the other". "They will take care of personnel matters themselves," Kade said. "Don't act like it won't interest you," Ziemiak accused. The personnel debate is more in demand because it's more fun. Then Kade slipped out: "Honestly – it's annoying!"

CDU Secretary General Paul Ziemiak.

© ZDF screenshots

The audience in Mark Lanz in ZDF began to clap doubtfully. Kade smiled slightly embarrassed. "He didn't mean it like that", Lanz said, before he said," But of course he is a bit right. No, he was right when he said that personnel debates would not be brought to parties from outside. "

Markus Lanz returns to the question: "Who decides, when Friedrich Merz spoke? "Ziemiak seems to be turning." There is a conference committee, "he said. This is the decision. If you want to talk, you can submit a piece of paper in your name, these pieces of paper will be presented to the conference committee, who decides the order.

Journalist Claudia Kade giggled a little shyly.

© ZDF screenshots

ZDF spoke with Markus Lanz: "I don't want to torture you further"

"I don't want to torture you anymore", release Mark Lanz Ziemiak im ZDF Apparently, who might not want to comment on whether Merz had held the position of second speaker – long before he could deliver his speech at the party congress at all. But, Lanz begged him: "How much will you bet that Merz doesn't talk to two people?"

"Yeah, he is always agile"Confess Paul Ziemiak a. But it is not possible. "It's about what he says in terms of content and what other people say and what these statements contribute to party program orientation." Political opponents of the Union's left and right and not within the party. Markus Lanz replied: "Do their party members also know that?"

It's great that the party is very broad, Ziemiak said: "The other party is us to be jealous of this choice"Lanz and Kade laughed – and also Ziemiak could not help himself here and giggled." There is no such party many heads stick out has, "he pulled back to the seriousness. At least in this case, Lanz had to agree with him.

"Markus Lanz" – ZDF-Talk: There is no collaboration with AfD

Paul Ziemiaks clear rejection of ZDF talks Mark Lanz Collaboration with the encouragement of AfD Holocaust survivor Zivi Cohen with approval. He nodded, as Ziemiak argued: "There are questions people now: Why do you call Höcke Nazi? – Yes, because he is one."

Silvermoon singer Dumpling talk about the fact that personal political matters are no longer discussed, for fear of confrontation and inability to listen. "We have to listen to each other again," East Germany appealed.


In the ZDF talk show "Markus Lanz" reported the savior of distress from dramatic use in the Mediterranean. He described a devastating scene.

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