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MacBook Pro 16 "- Positive Impression iFixit

from Julius Kahl
The online magazine iFixit has buttoned up the new Macbook Pro 16 "and looks inside the case. First of all, the main focus is on the revised Magic Keyboard. According to iFixit, the keyboard makes a positive impression and compared to its predecessor Bring improvements.

Just a few days ago, Apple's hardware and software makers released the new Apple MacBook Pro. Innovations mainly relate to the enlargement of the display from 15 inches to 16 inches, a more powerful battery and superior processor performance and an improved cooling system. In addition, there is a new keyboard with scissors mechanism on the new MacBook Pro.

Apple MacBook Pro: Is the increase worth it?

Online magazine repair specialist iFixit has now looked more closely at new devices and opened the hood. For example, the new Magic TrackPad with a scissors mechanism is very similar to an "old" keyboard. But as a comparison there are some differences. Thus, each key is thicker, now it can be removed more easily and individually and can also more easily remove dust and dirt.

Plus, there are other key benefits: Apple's external Magic Keyboard key can be easily inserted into the new MacBook Pro 16 "keyboard, and iFixit found a pretty positive improvement, even though it's all about the new keyboard. The return to the scissors mechanism is very well welcomed here, and the new Apple MacBook Pro 16 "now available at the Apple Online Store for $ 2,699. Gradually, local Apple stores throughout the world will be provided.

Source: iFixit

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