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Lena Gercke: Models leave BH under distant skintight dresses – fans are really crazy


Lena Gercke fans are waiting for a very hot video from the presenter "Voice of Germany". The dress gave a deep insight.

  • Lena Gercke posted a video on Instagram
  • What was provided by the winners of the 2006 GNTM in it provided an intimate insight
  • Fans of the presenter "The Voice of Germany" are very happy

Cloppenburg / Bremen – "The Voice of Germany" presenter Lena Gercke appear Instagram regularly, as is GNTMconqueror of women from 2006 and above all he has there. Around 2.4 million followers are sympathetic model, that in contemplative Cloppenburg growing up with Bremen. Among their contributions are also quite common engrossing Insight – so hot the videoabout that * reported.

"The Voice of Germany" host Lena Gercke posted a hot Instagram video

Likewise with him InstagramAccount the video to find who did not leave questions and fans Lena Gercke make a lot of fun. For what is brought by the top model in the clip reveals more than it covers. In the short film is Presenter "Voice of Germany" in Morocco casually on a stone pier between two pools of water to the camera too.

In the video have Lena Gercke only in a very thin orange silk dress, high slit – and apparently not much else. Thin cloth stuck to every curve of his body modelbody and he plays with his feet in the wind. Apparently 31 years old Presenter "The Voice of Germany" from Cloppenburg with his new friend Dustin Schöne at a wedding in a North African country.

while Lena Gercke with a confident swing of the hip, sunglasses and a cold face through the sparkling African sun, under the fabric of the dress it moves a lot. Because Presenter "Voice of Germany" Obviously refrain from wearing a bra. As a result, it resonates with each step determined from model strong in cleavage.

The Instagram video from "The Voice of Germany" host Lena Gercke made fans happy

that Instagram-Post with the video As of October 31, more than 550,000 visits had been made. Write for this Lena Gercke"When you can't even imagine what's hot ever … wow this miss is already and winter has just begun …", so in German about: "If you can barely imagine it I already miss it and winter has just begun ".

that InstagramFan Presenter "Voice of Germany" from Cloppenburg should with this the video However, it is not difficult to make the mind warm even in winter. As a follower writes: "Instagram just really burned. "Others commented:" Where should you look first? "It's even clearer to add it as a third fan Lena Gercke together: "Nude under the dress" and thumbs up. Meanwhile, Lena Gercke posted an Instagram story – her fans were very pleased with the big news.

Lena Gercke posted an Instagram video – "Voice of Germany" – Moderators are not satisfied with the choice of clothes

But there is also criticism about it the video: "It looks rather cheap. Too bad. A bra would be better," said one of them InstagramUsers to the post office from Lena Gercke. However, given the many fire emojis he seems clear in the minority. Lena Gercke recently posted a fun photo on Instagram. Fans of the "Voice of Germany" host and the 2006 GNTM winners went crazy.

But also "German voice" moderation even her choice of clothes doesn't seem to be happy enough. So Lena Gercke, who grew up in Cloppenburg, wrote under another InstagramA picture of her in the dress: "So 40 degrees is a bit too hot to wear a silk dress", in German "40 degrees is somehow too hot to wear a silk dress". Meanwhile, Lena Gercke was made for Instagram on Instagram Instagram – the model advertises its new "LeGer" collection in any way, reports *.

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