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Influenza: What quickly helps with flu symptoms?

Cold, body aches, and fever: Suddenly the flu seems to attack. But with these tips you can quickly find a cure.

Autumn and winter are flu times – when temperatures drop below zero degrees and immediately the first hail in Germany occurs, flu is not far off. Unlike a cold, he suddenly comes in with all the bad symptoms, like

  • cold
  • cough
  • headache
  • body aches
  • hot flashes
  • fatigue
  • Loss of appetite or
  • Fever.

Anyone with a cold infection knows from previous episodes that this can be very persistent – and that sometimes it can take weeks to get rid of it again. But workers cannot use long breaks from work – either because a lot of work is waiting on their desk or because an important meeting is near. So what does that mean will help to get rid of the annoying influenza quickly?

Influenza: Rapid relief for flu

It is important to first understand how the flu virus is transmitted. However, wet and cold winters are only "accomplices" – they weaken the immune system, but the real cause is viruses that circulate in the air or attach to objects.

Be it on public transportation or in offices The warm and jammed air ensures that the mucous membrane dries. As a result, they can ward off pathogens even worse. When stress comes and other mental stresses come, it is Immune deficiency is more vulnerable. The result: Viruses penetrate into the interior of the body and multiply rapidly there.

No pain is one reason why you should wash your hands more often.

Therefore, the first aid step is: Raise your legs and drink tea – preferably on the couch or in bed. You also have to get it proper sleep portion make it possible. The reason: In the resting phase, the cells in the body have enough time to regenerate – and thus very important immune cells that are needed for defense.

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Drugs, Vitamin C & Co: What you need to keep away from flu

However, strong antibiotics must be kept away from your hands – they only help fight bacteria, but not against viruses. Just as excessive intake of vitamin C or zinc is considered scientifically controversial. Research has shown that taking additional supplements is of little use if a cold or flu has spread. However, of course there is no harm in this sensitive moment eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and sipping herbal tea and soup (chicken). But what about over-the-counter cold medicines available at pharmacies?

Everything you need to know about that can be found here at a large influenza counselor.

Of course, there are many different symptoms Medications such as cough syrup, nasal drops or expectorant preparations. Most of it is vegetable and therefore not necessarily a recipe. But whether they function, is still questionable. Although you can relieve symptoms for a short time – but also here scientific studies have shown that the active ingredients contained therein did not contribute significantly to recovery.

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Influenza: This home remedy helps with mild discomfort

With whoever mild flu symptoms had to struggle, grandma's home remedy helped quickly. This includes:

  • Wadenwickel
  • steam facial
  • nose shower
  • Cold cloth on the neck or on the forehead
  • Hot and cold shower
  • Gargle throat with cold sage tea
  • Hang a wet cloth in the room at night

If all of these tips don't help and your fever even increases steadily, it's better to go straight to the doctor. He can prescribe special drugs that fight the flu virus.

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