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HFC Dynamo Dresden: Hallescher FC won a secret test at SGD

Dresden –

Thanks to the remarkable Mathias Fetsch Hallesche FC who won on Tuesday afternoon, a trial match with a public exception in the second division of Dynamo Dresden with 4: 1 (0: 0). The attacker only played in the 60th minute, then scored in ten minutes three goals. The last point is Martin Ludwig.

First, HFC coach Torsten Ziegner has been used against the Dynamo for most players from the second row. So Niklas Kastenhofer, Erik Henschel or Davud Tuma got the chance to show themselves. Substitute goalkeeper Tom Müller is also in the starting eleven. Arrivierte and for the third league match against Großaspach also set up strengths such as Moritz Heyer, Marvin Ajani or initially Fetsch sat on the bench.

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Dynamo Dresden started against the HFC almost at best

The Dynamo, however, took place in their own stadium almost in full and dominated against Halle B-Elf at the start of the game. After about five minutes Philip Heise hit the bottom of the bar with a free kick. Instead, the HFC came a little, only after 20 minutes was Björn Jopek the first, but a dangerous shot on target.

The Dynamo was significantly more dangerous, in the 25th minute Niklas Cruiser Müller tested with a sharp shot from an acute angle. In return, however, the first big opportunity for HFC: Braydon Manu marched on Dresdner's goal, but was pressed by a defender, he pulled the ball past the gate. After that, Halle is better in the game, now often comes dangerous in all three enemies. The last accuracy in the game that passes but prevents more high caliber.

Secret test: For security reasons, there are no spectators at Dynamo Dresden against HFC

On the other hand has a Dynamo by Patrick Ebert and again a two-degree cruiser is more dangerous. Shortly before the break Jannik Müller then hit the crossbar again. The 0-0 half-time score from the HFC point of view is thus rather happy, but inappropriate.

HFC victory on the test in Dresden: Mathias Fetsch (r.) Taking congratulations from his teammate.

HFC victory on the test in Dresden: Mathias Fetsch (r.) Taking congratulations from his teammate.

For the second half Ziegner was brought along with Marvin Ajani, Martin Ludwig and Jan Washausen new people. The offensive team was originally a dynamo, the defeat by Ebert had to defuse Müller with a strong parade.

After a good hour, it was once again a great opportunity for HFC: A free kick from Tuma bounced off the wall and landed when Freestanding Washausen. But it takes too long to process the ball and so the goal remains. After that Ziegner tripled again. This time Pascal Sohm, Fetsch and Daniel Bohl came into play. The field left Kilian Pagliuca, Lynn Arkenberg and Julian Guttau.

The Dynamo leads, then calculates Mathias Fetsch for HFC

Then suddenly the event rolled: the first time went to Dynamo after an error playing seriously HFC by Ebert in the 65th minute. In return, the HFC came through Fetsch but directly to compensate, the initial work came from Ajani.

In the 70th minute, the Red-White even took the lead: Pascal Sohm came in the area in front of Dynamo keeper Patrick Wiegers on the ball, referee Henry Müller gave a penalty. Fetsch that changes with confidence at the right angle. And in the 73rd minute, Fetsch even made a hat-trick from close range. The attacker is not in the game for a quarter of an hour!

HFC wins in Dresden: Martin Ludwig ends the final

After that, the game calmed down, the Dynamo changed again on a large scale, but did not return to the game. Instead, the HFC hit again with the final whistle. Fetsch opened with a powerful pass to Ajani, who deliberately placed in the middle for Ludwig and netzt to score 4: 1 final.

B_Dynamo HFC

Insights into ghost test games at the Dynamo Dresden stadium

For organizational reasons, but maybe also for security considerations, games have occurred on the camera. Both clubs have not announced the previous match.

Dynamo: Wiegers – Dumic, Gonther, J. Müller (61st Ehlers) – cruiser, Nikolaou (77th lion), Ebert (77th Shubitidze), Heise (46th Wahlqvist) – Atik (61st Duljevic), Berko (61st Atilgan)) – Koné (46. Röser)
HFC: T. Müller – Schilk (46 Starostzik), Kastenhofer, Fiedler – Henschel (46th Ajani), Jopek (Washausen 46), Arkenberg (Bohl to 60), Manu (46th Ludwig) – Guttau (60th Sohm), Pagliuca (taking 60) , Tuma
referee: Henry Mueller
aim: 1: 0 Ebert (65.), 1: 1 Fetsch (66.), 1: 2 Fetsch (70, penalty kicks), 1: 3 Fetsch (73.), 1: 4 Ludwig (90.)


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