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Greta: Campino commented on climate activists – "If my child …"


The singer "Campino's tote" commented on Friday's climate movement for the Future around Greta Thunberg – and also ditched his opinion.

  • Greta Thunberg wants to attend the World Climate Change Conference in Madrid in November.
  • "Dead pants" singer Campino talk about meaning Friday for the Future.
  • The famous German musician begged the conscience of citizens.

Madrid – Greta Thunberg currently residing in the United States, from where he was originally assigned World Climate Conference 2019 want to take a trip to Chile in December. However, in the meantime, the venue has now been changed for the second time: after it was originally scheduled to take place in Brazil, Chile had canceled as well. Instead, a UN meeting will take place in the Spanish capital of Madrid.

Swedish climate activists are looking for climate-friendly ways to return to Europe to take part in the 25th edition of the United Nations Conference (2 – 13.12.). Time passed quickly – and the Swedish coach accepted an immoral offer from a German airline.

Friday for the Future and Climate Protection: Campino appealed to consumer behavior

Meanwhile, Greta receives Thunberg outstanding support and that too by many celebrities. After recently meeting with environmental activist and actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Germany is also very popular for the efforts of 16-year-old children.

After recently singer Max Herre expressed praise for climate activists, with Campino Another party of famous musicians: The Singer "Toten Hosen" explained in one dpa interviewthat he found it "extraordinary," "what can move these little people through their energy and commitment."

Campino found words of praise for the movement of Greta Thunberg.

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Campino, whose real name Andreas Frege mean, it's too late that Climate change problem In the midst of a stirred social debate: "one who still ignores it, one can no longer help," the 57-year-old explained. At the same time, German music icons appeal to citizens and explicitly to their consumer behavior: "Everyone can contribute something to this. Everyone can ask how Clothing and flight he needs it. "The WDR editor at Tagesthemen was also recently revealed – and was criticized for his sometimes sharp comments.

Greta Thunberg: School skipping school? No problem for Campino

His son is a supporter of the "Fridays for Future" climate movement and participates in demonstrations in Berlin. "If he has a problem with that, I will fight for him," Campino said truancy for good cause.

However, some famous ones have more critical opinions about Greta Thunberg's climate movement: cabaret artist Dieter Nuhr has stated some negative things about climate activists. Although the thesis is wobbly legs

Greta Thunberg rarely does interviews, but a Swedish journalist is stunned by climate activists. It's about Merkel's eating disorders and selfies. In addition, Greta Thunberg has an extraordinary relationship with Shirin David nordbuzz.de * reported.

Video: Max Herre comments on Greta Thunberg – "A Shining Example"

Greta also commented on US President Donald Trump. With doubts that sometimes drastically voice about climate change, Greta Thunberg believes that he has reached the opposite of what he wants to achieve. "He was very extreme and he said such extreme things that I think in some ways, that is what awakens people," Swedish climate activists in Hampton, Virginia, told AFP. The 16-year-old wants to travel from the US East Coast on Wednesday (local time) by sailing ship on his way back to Europe.

"When he was elected, I told myself that people will wake up now, that people should wake up," said Thunberg. "So maybe he helped." Thunberg has caused a sensation since the start of its climate strike, Fridays for Future about a year ago. Meanwhile, 16 years has become a global icon in the fight against climate change and has mobilized millions of people around the world.

The GroKo for that, opposition to it: The Bundestag decided on Friday to be presented by the government's climate protection law. Whether heating, refueling, traveling or flying: everyone and everyone will see something.

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