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Green party congress: Then Habeck surprisingly suggested wise notes

DHanging out in front of the exhibition hall, activists of the Uprising Uprising set up tents – perhaps more like a foolish warning that uprisings against extinction must occur everywhere, not to obstruct. What does a radical climate protector want to block, here at Bielefeld, at the Green Party congress?

Inside, it had just begun, and Federal Chair Annalena Baerbock saw herself entangled in political science seminars. Some journalists want to know what the Green Party now understands under the self-proclaimed Alliance Party concept. Special interests, compromise, balance, different societies, seeking unity, alternatives to the People's Party.

"Yes, yes," nod the party leader, let's start now. He escaped the circle with the illusion that football player Arjen Robben would be proud. Candidates from Lower Saxony arrived on Saturday for re-election, as did Robert Habeck, his colleague at Doppelspitze, and other members of the Federal Executive.

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Robert Habeck - German politician and writer - Federal Chair of the Green Party - was accepted at Berlin party headquarters

Habeck holds on Friday night on stage, opening remarks. He spoke quickly, looked uneasy first, then picked up again. He promised party congresses "on the broad horizon with major pressing problems", climate crisis, nationalist movements everywhere, "also in Europe, also in Germany". And surprisingly suggests a thought-provoking tone.

Democracy means quarreling, and quarreling includes giving the opponent a reason for his position. "If you roar and keep quiet, then we will no longer have democracy," Habeck warned. He acknowledged, "that even we Green sometimes don't want to listen with certain excitement".

And: "We must work for ourselves." For example, Ostholsteiner from Lübeck appoints employees in the automotive industry and conventional farmers. For them, the Green must "exercise tolerance even with ourselves".

Party leader Annalena Baerbock (left) and Robert Habeck run for re-election in the Green party congress

Party leader Annalena Baerbock (left) and Robert Habeck run for re-election in the Green party congress


There are no co-candidates for Baerbock and Habeck; A shiny result is expected. However, the debate is also controversial on content. On Sunday, proposals for determining the political-economic position of the party will cause debate. Habeck, who has long been acting as a chancellor candidate for the next federal election, wants to place the Green Party as a leftist liberal near the center.

That is why the title of the petition initiated by the Federal Executive Board is programmatic: "Different economies for sustainable prosperity," he said, in honor of change. And then: "On the way to a socio-ecological market economy." This is the bourgeoisie, the center trying to calm down.

There are 190 amendments to choose from

A total of 190 amendments were submitted. For example, Berlin Green from the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district does not want to let the market economy "bring a lot of prosperity in the past". They prefer to formulate a proper dissolving disk and emphasize that with militarized gender asterisks: The market economy "not only brings prosperity but also increases inequality, encourages climate crisis and generates more losers as winners".

WORLD interview with party leader Robert Habeck

When the Green Party gathered for the party congress in Bielefeld, they looked back on the most successful year so far, but green and economic policies? Where Robert Habeck saw his party on this issue, he explained in an interview with WELT.

Source: WORLD / Sebastian Honekamp

And further: "The market is not self-regulating, but is increasingly concentrating the benefits of prosperity on a handful of people and resulting in increased costs to the weakest." It might be interesting to see whether the less dogmatic Greens would argue in a debate on Sunday that thanks to the market, for example, thanks to the market, for example China isn't even starving the weakest. It was different in Mao's day. Meanwhile, however, the communist regime has left capitalism there, and bitter poverty, after all, is a thing of the past.

The wings on the Green are still there

So they are still there, wings in Greens. From Kreuzberg to Stuttgart and Wiesbaden, where politicians such as the Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, and Vice President Tarek Al-Wazir, who are responsible for economic affairs at Hessen, are far from such dogmatics. Between them act Habeck and Baerbock, who try to make it right for both wings. Therefore there are many regulations in the application of economic policy: calls for new laws, for state intervention, for restrictions on entrepreneurial freedom.

Minimum wages must be raised, minimum costs for entrepreneurs are needed, and women quotas must also be used for board members of private companies. Gross domestic product so far has only measured "ecologically blind growth". It has to be turned into an index with softer criteria such as private nursing work or countless hours of caring for children at home. The Green Party clearly does not want to compete with the Liberals.

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