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Franck Ribéry: PK at Fiorentina – FC Bayern are listening

Franck Ribéry will remain in the world of football. His transfer was certain, now he was introduced to his new club.

Updates from August 22, 19:00 hours: Franck Ribéry has now been officially presented to Fiorentina. At a press conference, the Bayern legend said he was "very motivated" and "hungry". At Bayern he has no future – in Italy Ribery but seems to be hot in the new season.

Ribéry was also approached for his meeting with Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo: "I don't want to be Ronaldo's rival. I want to help Fiorentina," the 36-year-old said.

Moving to China or Qatar, which might give him a bigger salary, did not qualify for Ribéry. The choice per Florence explains the French with league appeal: "Florence is a big city. I came to Serie A because this is the big league. I want to live in Europe and have the good fortune to have the association as Florence requested."

Updates from August 21, 3:35 a.m.: Florence has a new king – Franck Ribéry has landed, the transfer to Fiorentina is perfect. The former Bayern star signed a two-year contract.

Recently, rumors became loud that the Frenchman could stay in Munich – if he accepted an offer to extend the contract.

According to information from tz these claims are completely wrong. There is no offer to extend – for FCB it is clear that after the 2018/19 season ends.

His former colleague at Bayern Arjen Robben also announced his plans for the future. Ribéry can eat gold steak again soon in Italy – or what is behind this Instagram post?

Franck Ribéry: "Welcome Legend" – Florence changed perfectly

Updates from August 21, 13.58: This is a deal done! Franck Ribéry will move to Fiorentina. The transfer has been hinting for days, now it is perfect.

Previously, Ribéry had told former Bayern teammate Luca Toni about the club. According to reports, Ribéry was supposed to sign a two-year contract in Tuscany. At record champions the contract was not renewed after twelve years.

The 26-year-old is the second Bayern star after Mario Gomez (2013), who moved from Isar to Fiorentina.

Franck Ribéry: transfer before graduation – Here he has used a new club color

Updates from August 21 11:53: Franck Ribéry arrives in Florence, where he will complete a health examination on Wednesday. Still on the landing field gave the French wing car driver the first interview – and in Italian! "I have talked to the people in charge of Fiorentina for a week and also to Luca Toni. He told me that Fiorentina is a great club and the city is very good. I am very happy, I like Italian, even if I haven't know it perfectly, "Ribéry said upon his arrival in Italy.

The 36-year-old and Luca Toni both moved in the summer of 2007 to Bayern Munich. While the Frenchman played there until the end of last season, the Italian striker was only until 2010 for the Red in goal hunt. Toni then moved back to Italy, including AS Roma, FC Genoa and Juventus. Before the transfer to Munich he played two years for Fiorentina. In 2016, Toni ended his career.

Franck Ribéry: Transfer fix – He is already wearing a new club color

Updates from August 21 11:25: Rumors about the transfer have been confirmed: The move from Franck Ribéry to Fiorentina seems almost complete. On Twitter the new club AC Florence posted a picture.

Ribéry wears a club color, Fiorentina writes: "Welcome, legend". Players aged 36 years must now complete a medical examination before signing a new contract. This should, as Ribéry told Sky, dated 2021. "It's very important for me to sign a two-year contract."

Franck Ribéry: transfer shortly before graduation – Here he flies to his new club

Updates from August 21, 9:59 a.m.: The future of Franck Ribéry might finally be clarified. The Frenchman will continue to stand on the soccer field, according to media reports, he has agreed with Fiorentina on a one-year contract.

The Bayern icon was apparently right before the signature, on Wednesday morning Ribéry posted in his Instagram picture an image of an airplane. He wrote: "Allez" – so "let's go".

Franck and Wahiba Ribéry are heading for Florence.

His wife Wahiba was also on the plane, he became clearer in his story than the plane. He posted "With you" and a heart with a Fiorentina club color – purple.

The machine was scheduled to land in the morning in Florence, then stand up to the usual 36-year-old appointment: medical check, final official talks and finally sign under his new working paper.

Franck Ribéry: Transfer fix? Medical examination may be imminent – the French with a message

Updates from August 20, 16:24: Franck Ribery's era at Bayern ended in June 2019. For twelve years, the Frenchman turned the Munich wing, showing goals, assists and tricks. Quick Ribéry is one of the fans' favorite fans.

Of course, that Munich supporters want to continue to meet him at Bayern. Meanwhile, FCB has found a replacement on the offensive – maybe sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic brings more new additions?

Franck Ribéry: Transfer to Florence repaired?

However, Ribéry's future seems resolved sky-Information signed a one-year contract with AC Florence, 36 years old. The medical examination will take place in the coming days. Ribéry himself has reported on Twitter.

The message is clear: "I am ready to face new challenges." Previously, some media had reported that Fiorentina and Ribéry had almost reached an agreement and only a few details on the conclusion of the contract would be lost.

Franck Ribéry should have refused the extension of FCB – the insider revealed a surprising background

Updates from August 20, 10:55: The love story between Franck Ribéry and Bayern Munich ended with a double victory last season. Even in crucial championship matches going up in Bayern fans, the sun, like Ribéry is provided with the dream goal for the championship.

Now the sun can disappear behind some dark clouds and the romance of the departure of the Bavarian legend disappears. FCB is even said to have offered a contract extension until 2020 – which the Frenchman refused! Outwardly it was always rumored that it was a joint decision and the Bavarians wanted to complete the 2019 Robbery chapter.

Physiotherapist Gianni Bianchi told Italian reporter Gianluca di Marzio, "Franck always wants to feel important. He decided not to stay with FC Bayern despite the choice of another year because he felt he was no longer focused."

Bianchi was not only a therapist, but also a close friend of Ribery, with whom he could even imagine changing to a club to continue to be there for the Frenchman. He still declared him a high level. Where Ribéry changed, he did not know yet. It seems that Fiorentina is still in the leading position.

Following the commitments of Ivan Perisic, Philippe Coutinho and Michael Cuisance: How would you rate the work of sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic now? Choose!

Transfer seduction: Franck Ribéry can stay close to Munich

Update from August 19: Where did Franck Ribéry go? A lot of money will flow in the desert or in Russia. But actually the French man's family clearly did not want to leave Munich. So has the 36-year-old forgotten the large salary to stay close to his wife and children?

A possible goal from Ribéry is Serie A. More than an hour away, AC Florence wants to take it up. The sporting director confirmed Daniele Prade after his team won 3-1 over Monza: "Ribéry? We want to have it, but like all great players, he weighs all possibilities," Prade was quoted by L 'Equipe.

Franck Ribéry to Fiorentina: Fiorentina will welcome him "with open arms"

"Unfortunately, we do not have the financial resources of an Arab or Russian club," continued the sporting director of Florence, "but if he still wants to play at a high level, Fiorentina welcomes him with open arms."

His return to Bayern after repairs made a big deal with Philippe Coutinho, the loan business with Ivan Perisic and Michael Cuisance's obligations might eventually be excluded.

Future Franck Ribery: Fiorentina, Liverpool and Everton are available for election

Update from August 18: The future of former Bayern star Franck Ribéry remains open. But apparently there is another candidate for a winger: how 90min.com Reportedly, Everton is dealing with Ribéry's personality. The Frenchman should have been offered to the team. The player himself must also be open to moving to Liverpool. Whether Ribéry will become a regular here is impossible. In addition, Ribéry had to do without a report on the Toffies about many salaries.

But also from series A, there are those who are interested: AC Florence should show interest. The Tuscany Club is trying to make a fresh start to play at the top of Seria A and rely on veterans. So, only Kevin-Prince Boateng from FC Barcelona is committed.

In addition, there are Ribéry offers from Asia and America. Transfer to Qatar because it was the last explosion.

Now, FCB but to switch to Emre Can by Juve.

Ribéry returned from the French table in "further talks" with CL participants

Updates from August 12: Because FC Bayern is in dire need of a player in attack, recently rumors about the return of Franck Ribéry were hard. The Frenchman, who in his twelve-year career in a championship record developed into an audience that was loved by many people, acted as an alternative to Leroy Sané, a gamer who was actually a wishful thinking of FCB officials.

However, according to current status, Ribéry will not return to Säbener Straße, the road seems to lead to Russia.

Bayern: Franck Ribéry before switching to the Russian Premier League

As the French sports newspaper L 'Équipe reports, Ribéry moved to Lokomotiv Moscow. The 36-year-old is already in "further talks" with the capital club. For several days, negotiations with Ribery's advisers and Moscow authorities will proceed. Among the 2018 Russian champions, Ribéry will meet, among others, German world champion Benedikt Höwedes, who gets his money for a year at "Loko".

So, Franck Ribéry will not return to Munich, which was made clear to coach Niko Kovac before the Bayern Cup match at Cottbus (we will discuss you in a live ticker) and it seems unlikely after Ivan Perisic's transfer. Maybe that can come to the reunion. Lokomotiv Moscow qualifies as runner-up as FCB for the Champions League. Both teams can be completed in one group.

Franck Ribéry as a substitute for Sané? Kovac made a clear announcement – the Italians liked Ribéry

Update from August 11, 2019: When it comes to transfers, Bayern are running out of time. Although officials still have a chance at the end of August, to strengthen a squad that was previously rare, but next Friday begins for Merah with a match against Hertha BSC officially the Bundesliga season.

However, FCB should have found there with the commitment that emerged from Croatian footballer Ivan Perisic there, but recently there were rumors about the return of Bayern legend Franck Ribery again high. Fans are quite enthusiastic about this option and will welcome the 36-year-old with open arms, but at a press conference before the cup match against Cottbus coach Bayern Niko Kovac categorically excluded this possibility.

On the other hand, according to "Sky Italia" it is now Fiorentina with Ribery's personality – after all, the Frenchman is free to have it. A commitment in Saudi Arabia may have been destroyed, the latter also showed former team-mate Mark van Bommel from PSV Eindhoven interested (see message below).

In the first round of the DFB Cup, FC Bayern Munich had to face Energie Cottbus on Monday night, 12 August. You can follow the match at the ticker directly on tz.de.

Franck Ribéry as a substitute for Sané? A comeback plan to thrill the fans – please the former players?

Updates from August 9, 22.12 hours: When FC Bayern Munich did a lot of air jumps, if they only imagined the return of French Edeltechnikers. But only former team-mates can ultimately make all the plans end badly in the bill.

Mark van Bommel is now known as a coach at PSV Eindhoven and has a loud voice picture Strong interest in guiding his ex-friend to the Dutch Top Club.

Curly hair may not be popular with her former club right now. Even the news, whether the upcoming contract extension with PSV jewel and Sané candidate Steven Bergwijn should taste Bayern Munich

Franck Ribéry as a substitute for Sané? Comeback plans thrill the fans

Update from August 9, 2019: The demands for transfers in the attack of FC Bayern Munich are getting tougher. Both fans and players of the German championship record demanded the big transfer promised by the Bavarian boss.

After a serious knee injury from Leroy Sané, the transfer is not out of schedule, but superstar ManCity will fail according to coach Pep Guardiola for at least six months. If Bayern continue to get wingtips, they still need a replacement who can fill this position until February or March. Possible candidates are Bayern legend Franck Ribéry, whose contract was not renewed after twelve years at Bayern last summer.

Back to Bayern Munich? Franck Ribéry: "I can still do many things"

The possibility of the return of France at FCB now puts Bayern fans in high excitement. At present, Ribéry remains fit in Munich and prepares for the next station in his football career. Whether the desert or the return of Bayern – the wing car according to its own statement "is still hungry. And I think I can still do many things. I can still play in big clubs, I think," said the Frenchman L 'Equipe.

But not everyone supports the dream of many Bayern supporters. "If, like Bayern, decide to end the era, then you have to leave it at that," said Sport1 expert Stefan Effenberg. Although fans won't like it, Effenberg doesn't expect Ribéry to play in the red jersey at the Allianz Arena next season.

The other former Bayern star is linked with a return to the German championship record.

Franck Ribéry before joining Saudi Arabian club Al-Nasr Riad

August 4 Update 2019: The fact that Franck Ribéry will move to the desert state has been considered most likely for some time now. Now he speaks kicker first time from a concrete club.

So Al-Nasr Riyadh is on a French dredger and wants to lure him with a two-year contract in the Saudi capital. This will be in line with the wishes of the club Ribéry, because the former Bayer has announced that they want to play another two years active. In addition, Ribéry who is spoiled for success must change a bit. He will join the absolute top club in the country.

Although the last championship was four years ago, Al-Nasr had the most expensive squad in the Saudi Professional League. Among the seven foreigners on the team is Ahmed Musa, who a few years ago was considered the next top talent in Europe. This team was trained by Portuguese Rui Vitória.

With a commitment to Al-Nasr Ribéry will avoid meeting with the legend of Barca Xavi. The maestro is a coach in Qatar.

Video: offer? The Bundesliga club is engrossed in Franck Ribery

Update from August 1, 2019: Many clubs want it, but so far, the former Bayern star hasn't decided yet. Especially his family plays a big role, his children go to school in Munich and have their social environment here. But now the Frenchman seemed to have decided. According to information from picture It attracts winger in the desert. As a possible destination, the sheet mentions Saudi Arabia or Qatar.

On Thursday he might finish a medical examination at Säbener Straße. For this he canceled a charity event in Munich in no time. On Friday he had to fly to sign a contract.

Substitute Franck Ribéry can become Leroy Sané. Some media reported safe changes from Germany.

What do you think

Bundesliga Hammer: Will Franck Ribéry play for other German clubs soon?

Update July 29, 12:35 noon: Will Franck Ribéry remain in the Bundesliga? As reported (7.20) Eintracht Frankfurt must be interested in the French. But that all seems pure speculation.

Jan Strasheim, Head of Frankfurt Media and Communications, told the German Press Agency on Monday that Eintracht "does not deal with Franck Ribéry's obligations".

When FC Bayern appeared to have become one of Ribery's potential successors in the fishing rod. Supposed to give a bid of 80 million euros for the Real Madrid star. Cameroon international Clinton 'Jie posted a video on the internet – accidentally. The reason is strange.

Bundesliga: Franck Ribéry allegedly requested from a German club

July 29 Update, 7:20 am: In early July, Franck Ribéry said: "In the next two weeks, I want to clarify." But so far, the former Bayern Munich professional has not announced a decision about his future that was officially announced. The French now seem to consider all options. Others can be added now.

According to information from pictureThe newspaper examines the Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt Ribery commitment. Therefore, Hesse can offer a strong one-year contract related to performance that is 36 years old. The right request, the club might have been addressed to the former FCB star advisor.

Ribéry confirmed the newspaper was just "a lot of offers". He is "still hot in football" and will soon make a decision about his future.

The midfielder has after twelve years with German record champion no more contracts. Recently, there have always been rumors about the possibility of moving to Qatar or Saudi Arabia. But also clubs in England and Italy must be interested in Ribery.

Eintracht Sports Board Fredi Bobic recently announced after the departure of offensive players Luka Jovic and Sébastien Haller further transfers. For Eintracht Haller and Jovic have collected a total of around 100 million euros in transfer fees.

On 30 July 2019, the Audi Cup began. For Bayern, this is the first test against Fehnerbace Istanbul. Tottenham will meet Real Madrid before that.

Video: Ribéry: Not expected 12 years ago

Update July 20, 10:50 a.m.: Franck Ribéry after his departure from Bayern Munich is still without a club. But the Frenchman still seems to enjoy his free time.

Update July 4, 5:45 pm: It is still unclear how the situation will continue with the Frenchman. Ribéry's friendly partner, Arjen Robben, has now made a decision.

Franck Ribéry in the Bundesliga: In the next few weeks, there must be a decision

July 3 Update, 10:34 a.m.: When it comes to the future of winger Franck Ribéry, only one thing is clear: the Frenchman will not play at Bayern Munich. But he now has a few details about his future Sports pictures let it be known. Apparently the 36-year-old man did not want to wait long for his new employer: "My decision about the future is still pending, in the next two weeks, I want to clarify."

But farewell from Munich is not easy for the nine-time German champions. After twelve years at FC Bayern Munich, "which is your second home, stepping away from here is not easy". However, "FC Bayern's chapter as a player for me ended wonderfully in May" and "there are many good offers from Europe". Farewell from the Bavarian capital is therefore near.

Franck Ribéry: "There are several choices"

Update May 7, 19:22: Where does Franck Ribéry lead the way after his time at Bayern Munich? At a press conference on Tuesday, the Frenchman said again, "I don't know yet what I will do. But there are a number of options." In addition, the 36-year-old player reiterated that he did not want to hang football boots. He wants to play football for another year or two, he hinted. But where?

So far, three clubs that may be traded: Top of the list should be Galatasaray Istanbul, because Ribéry already played in 2005. After one pictureAccording to the report, the Frenchman can imagine his return: he must love the culture in Istanbul, and he has a very good memory of the fans and the atmosphere in the stadium.

Ribéry Change from Bundesliga to Galatasaray?

In addition, Ribéry has been associated with the al-Sadd Sports Club in the Qatari capital, Doha. There, the Frenchman will meet Spaniard Xavi, who has been playing there since 2015. Also the possibility of a transfer to Australia to Sydney West Wanderers coach Markus Babbel speculates. For this election, it is now likely to turn to Istanbul.

After his career, Ribéry wanted to return to Munich after the current situation. His family feels comfortable here, he reiterated on Tuesday. And FC Bayern will be interested in France's commitment. However, the club is trying to integrate more former players into the club's management.

Ribery before leaving FC Bayern Munich: He wants to continue playing

Update May 5, 11:32 a.m.: The day after 3: 1 over Hannover 96 Franck Ribéry was announced on the FC Bayern homepage, even his farewell. The Frenchman did not reveal where he was going. "I have no plans for next season. I don't know what I'm doing and where I'm going to play soccer," the 36-year-old said in a video released by the club.

Ribéry seems to be returning to Galatasaray Istanbul

May 3 update, 2:00 noon: According to rumors last week, Franck Ribéry has more than enough offers and opportunities to continue his playing career after the active Bayern season. Now he might have chosen a new favorite.

"Bild" reports that Galatasaray Istanbul has an interest in wings. There, Ribéry was active in 2005 and he can imagine returning there. Fans will love it, the atmosphere is sensational and Ribéry likes the culture.

Therefore, moving to "Gala" seems to be the most likely scenario for a 36-year-old future. The contract extension at Bayern is not included. The alternative would be to move to Xavi Al-Saad or Australia. There Markus Babbel trained with Western Sydney Wanderers.

Various offers for Franck Ribéry: Now there is a trend

May 2 Update, 1:55 p.m. Rumors about the possible change of Qatar by Franck Ribéry do not stop. The French portal "Paris United" now reports that several clubs are showing interest in Ribéry. Among the clubs are Al Sadd and Al Duhali from Qatar and Al-Nussr from Saudi Arabia.

Even though Western Sydney Wanderers is interested, because of the regular salary, which can produce Ribéry in desert countries, he prefers change there. A new challenge at Australian club Markus Babbel, the Frenchman can be loud Sports pictures imagine less.

Ribery contract in Munich ends on June 30. The 36-year-old contract extension seems to be excluded.

April 15 Update, 21:22: Franck Ribéry will probably end his successful career in Qatar. that kicker reports that there is now a clear trend towards a 35-year-old change to the Emirates. According to the advertisement of two clubs from Qatar to Ribéry, including Al-Sadd Sport Club, where World Spain and European Champion Xavi are active.

A rather outward opportunity, the sports magazine recognized the Australian Western Sydney Wanderers club to coach Mark Babbel. The former Bayern professional was quoted in the paper as saying: "We continue to be interested in Franck Ribéry, but first the terms and conditions must be explored in detail." Contact between the two parties therefore continued.

Apparently Xavi wanted to lure Ribéry to Qatar

March 14 Update, 12:40 a.m.: After a strange "Rockstar" offer by Markus Babbel to Franck Ribéry, the next interesting offer came for the Frenchman. According to kicker Some Xavi Hernandez has contacted Ribéry.

World and European champions Spain currently play in Qatar for Al Sadd Sports Club and want to lure the 35-year-old now in the desert state. Supposedly, Ribéry can earn as much in Qatar as in Munich and does not refuse to move to Emirates. Ribery contracts expire in the summer. Before the end of his career and work that has not been established at FC Bayern, the left winger still wants to play two or three years elsewhere, writes the sports magazine.

March 7 update, 8:19 pm: What will happen to Franck Ribéry? This question may be many Bayern fans. Because the French Filou contract expires in the summer, so far it has not been extended. Did everyone come out to say goodbye? "Maybe it will be like that," FCB President Uli Hoeneß said two weeks ago in Check 24 at Doppelpass Sport1. "We are talking about making a very good match for both (Ribéry and Robben, editor's note)."

But if Ribéry leaves the club from Säbener Straße, where will it go? Some clubs in weaker leagues have to kiss the opportunity to tie world stars for one or one other season – analogous to the transfer of former Barca star Xavi or Cologne legend Podolski (both Vissel Kobe, Japan).

Likewise, Markus Babbel, currently coach at the A-League club Australia Western Sydney Wanderers, who wants to bring Ribéry under his wing and lure to Australia. He betrayed that Sydney Morning Herald. Er habe sogar schon Contact aufgenommen. „Ich sagte ihm: Okay, wenn du eine Menge Geld verdienen willst, musst du nach Katar oder so gehen. Aber wenn du ein Rockstar sein willst, Australia's commander, “Ex-FCB-Verteidiger, der zwischen 1991 und 2000 für die Münchner seine Schuhe schnürte.

Doch Babbel weiß um seine eher schlechten Chancen auf eine Verpflichtung des Zauberfußes: "Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass er hierherkommen würde. Wir sprechen hier über eine Kategorie, die für die A-League nicht realistisch ist. "Ein zweites so ungewöhnliches Angebot" Rockstar "zu werden, wird Ribéry mit Sicherheit nicht vorliegen haben. Vielleicht zieht es den Franzosen ja dadurch nach Australien.

Rummenigge über Ribérys Zukunft bei den Bayern: "Ich kann nicht voraussagen, wie …"

Update 15. Februar, 21.05 Uhr: Die Zukunft von Franck Ribéry beim deutschen Fußball-Meister FC Bayern München ist sea Vorstandschef Karl-Heinz Rummenigge völlig offen. "Wir haben herausragende Jahre dank und mit ihm erlebt. Ich habe riesigen Respekt vor Franck. Man muss offen und ehrlich sein. Wir werden irgendwann mit ihm und seinem Berater ein Gespräch führen und dann eine gemeinsame Entscheidung treffen. Ich nann voraussagen, wie die sein wird ", sagte Rummenigge am Rande des Bundesligaspiels beim FC Augsburg dem TV-Sender Eurosport.

Rummenigge betonte nochmals, dass im Sommer der zweite Schritt des Umbruchs erfolge. „Ich habe nicht den Eindruck, dass wir uns große Sorgen um die Zukunft machen müssen. Wir werden daran arbeiten, dass wir im nächsten Jahr wieder eine Top-Mannschaft haben werden ", sagte der Ex-Nationalspieler.

Update 15. Februar, 9.33 Uhr: In einem Interview mit der französischen Sportzeitung "L 'Equipe" sprach Ribéry auch über seine Zukunft. "Wir werden sehen, was in den kommenden Wochen passieren wird", sagte er und kündigte an, sich mit den Bayern-Bossen und seinem Berater zusammenzusetzen. Er werde dabei niemals "tricksen", betonte Ribéry.

"Ich werde bei den Bayern weitermachen, falls ich ihnen weiterhin alles geben kann." Der Vertrag des Offensivspielers beim deutschen Rekordmeister läuft am Saisonende aus.

Bleibt Ribéry über die Saison hinaus beim FC Bayern? Salihamidzic lässt Tür offen

Update 16. Januar, 10.28 Uhr: Die Ära von Robbéry beim FC Bayern neigt sich langsam seinem Ende zu. Während der Abschied des Niederländers Arjen Robben schon feststeht, ist die Zukunft von Franck Ribéry noch offen. Nun hat sich Bayern-Sportdirektor Hasan Salihamidzic zu diesem Thema geäußert.

Auf die Frage, ob Ribéry in sein letztes Bayern-Halbjahr gehe, antwortete Salihamdizic diplomatisch. Es werde Veränderungen in der Mannschaft geben und Ribéry solle sich so präsentieren, wie in den Wochen vor der Winterpause: In Topform. „Das muss Franck verstehen, um nichts anderes geht es“, sagte der Bosnier der Sport Bild. Im nächsten Satz fallen aber Worte, die eine Trennung zum Saisonende andeuten. „Wir wollen ihn gebührend verabschieden. Das weiß er.“

Ein ungewollter Abschied könnte aber auch zu Spannungen zwischen dem FC Bayern und seiner noch immer aktiven Legende führen. Hasan Salihamidzic verneint diese Möglichkeit aber vehement. „Die Beziehung zwischen dem FC Bayern und Franck ist einmalig“, so der Sportdirektor. Man rede täglich und würde auch viele ernste Gespräche führen. Eines steht für Salihamidzic fest. „Egal was passiert, jeder wird sich professionell verhalten.“

Für einen eventuellen Verbleib über die sportliche Karriere hinaus zeigt sich der Bosnier offen: „Ich würde mir wünschen, dass uns Franck erhalten bleibt, nachdem er seine Karriere beendet hat – in welcher Rolle auch immer.“ Das gilt demnach unabhängig von der „Gold-Steak-Affäre“.

Ex-Klub baggert an Ribéry – zwei Gründe könnten ihm die Rückkehr schmackhaft machen

Update 23. Dezember, 17.38 Uhr: Auch den Kaderplanern von Galatasaray Istanbul sind die starken Auftritte des Alt-Stars nicht verborgen geblieben. Die türkische Fanatik berichtet, dass sich Verantwortliche des Klubs noch im Winter mit Ribéry treffen wollen, um ihm einen Vertrag über eineinhalb Jahre anzubieten.

Dass der 35-Jährige München im Januar verlässt, gilt als ausgeschlossen. Auf lange Sicht will der Mittelfeldmann mit seiner Familie in der Landeshauptstadt bleiben.

Im Sommer könnte ein Umzug in die türkische Kapitale allerdings durchaus eine Option für Ribéry darstellen. Im Jahr 2005 lief er bereits für den türkischen Top-Klub auf, bei den fanatischen Gala-Fans ist er nach wie vor extrem beliebt.

Es ist hinlänglich bekannt, wie viel dem eigenwilligen Franzosen der Rückhalt der Anhänger bedeutet – und die Familie wäre anders als bei einem sicherlich lukrativeren Engagement in China nur eine kurze Flugreise entfernt.

Doppelpacker Ribéry: „Die Bayern lieben mich"

München – Für einen kurzen, einen wirklich sehr kurzen Moment wirkte Franck Ribery dann doch wie ein alter Mann. Als Bayern Münchens Routinier bei seiner Auswechslung kurz vor dem Schlusspfiff vom Feld trottete, da konnte man tatsächlich meinen, einen 35-Jährigen auf der Zielgeraden seiner Karriere zu beobachten. Den eindrucksvollen Gegenbeweis hatte Ribery allerdings in den 90 Minuten zuvor angetreten – und seinen Klub mit einem Doppelpack zum 3:0 (1:0) bei Eintracht Frankfurt geschossen.

Im Grunde seit der Ankündigung von Präsident Uli Hoeneß, dass der französische Altmeister gemeinsam mit Flügelpartner Arien Robben seine wohl letzte Saison bei den Bayern bestreitet, spielt Ribery groß auf. Am Samstagabend ebnete er dem nur anfangs etwas wackeligen Rekordmeister mit seinen Treffern (35. und 79.) fast im Alleingang den Weg zum Sieg. Der kuriose Schlusspunkt durch Rafinhas Flankentor (89.) war am Ende nur Nebensache.

Stattdessen wurde Ribery von allen Seiten mit Lob überhäuft. Die Fans feierten ihren Liebling mit Sprechchören, die Mitspieler bedachten ihn mit "ein paar warmen Worten für die Festtage", wie es Nationalspieler Thomas Müller formulierte. "Wenn ich mit 35 noch so rennen kann, dann bin ich sehr froh", befand etwa der zwölf Jahre jüngere Youngster Niklas Süle anerkennend: "Er ist ein positiv Verrückter. Ich bin glücklich, dass ich ihn noch erleben darf."

Ribery hat maßgeblichen Anteil daran, dass die Bayern nach einem turbulenten ersten Halbjahr pünktlich zu Weihnachten wieder in der Spur sind. Unter der Woche hatte er bereits beim 1:0 gegen RB Leipzig als Siegtorschütze geglänzt, traf nun erstmals seit 2015 wieder bei drei Bundesliga-Einsätzen in Serie. Obwohl sie personell auf dem Zahnfleisch gingen – in Frankfurt fehlten sieben Feldspieler – stiegen die Münchner erstmals seit dem neunten Spieltag zum direkten Verfolger von Herbstmeister Borussia Dortmund auf.

Rummenigge: „Es gibt keine alten Spieler, es gibt nur gute und weniger gute"

Der Einfluss, den der vermeintlich alternde Superstar noch immer auf seine Mannschaft haben kann, ist auch den Verantwortlichen bei den Bayern nicht entgangen. "Es gibt keine alten Spieler, es gibt nur gute und weniger gute", bekräftige Vorstandschef Karl-Heinz Rummenigge bei Sky.

Ob sie deshalb aber den sehr konkret angedeuteten Abschied ihrer Klub-Ikone noch einmal überdenken, wollten sie allerdings ebenso wenig kommentieren wie all die anderen Gerüchte rund um Transfers womöglich schon in der Winterpause. "Ich habe jetzt erstmal frei. Aber sie können davon ausgehen, dass ich mein Handy dabei habe", sagte Sportdirektor Hasan Salihamidzic.

Trainer Niko Kovac jedenfalls wirkte, als würde er den Ausnahmekönner Ribery nur allzu gerne noch ein Weilchen länger an Bord haben. "Er ist ein sehr, sehr netter Junge. Was er für die Mannschaft leistet, ist immens. Schön, dass wir ihn haben", schwärmte er.

Beim Thema Vertragsverlängerung machte aber auch Kovac dicht. "Ich werde immer missinterpretiert, deshalb werde ich zu Namen und Transfers nichts mehr sagen", meinte der 47-Jährige mit einem schelmischen Grinsen.

Und Ribery selbst? Der scherzte in der Kabine bereits über einen neuen Vertrag und ließ auch im Interview keinen Zweifel daran, dass er gerne noch eine 13. Saison bei seinem Herzensklub dran hängen würde. "Natürlich habe ich noch Lust. Ich liebe Bayern, die Bayern lieben mich", bekannte er: "Du weißt im Leben nie, was passiert."

Franck Ribéry ist nach dem Wirbel ums Gold-Steak völlig ausgerastet

Kürzlich machte Ex-Trainer Louis van Gaal von sich Reden, als er Ribéry die Fähigkeit absprach, ein Star zu sein.

Flügelzange Robbery – Während Ribery weiterhin die Schuhe schnüren will, wechselte Arjen Robben die Sportart.

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