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Fire TV Stick and 4K Fire TV Stick: Currently at Amazon at the best price

A compact media player is offered

Are you looking for a cheap media player? Then look at current offers on Amazon. Here you will get a TV Stick and 4K TV Fire Stick up to 20 euros cheaper until November 26. We tell you all the important things for price action.

Amazon has significantly reduced the price of TV Fire Sticks and 4K TV Fire Sticks.

Amazon has significantly reduced the price of TV Fire Sticks and 4K TV Fire Sticks. (Source: netzwelt)

With Fire TV Stick 4K, Amazon released a Fire Stick 2017 replacement in mid-November. The new generation is slightly faster, dominated by 4K, HDR, and Dolby Atmos. Now you get the start of the second Cyber ​​Monday media player for a very good price.

in 25 euros
in 40 euros

So Fire TV Sticks are reduced from 40 to 25 euros in price. A very good price and very attractive for people who don't use 4K TVs or invest as little money in the media player. You get a 4K version for 40 euros, regularly the device costs 60 euros.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K in the test: They call it a mosquito review  | Small, versatile, strong With Fire TV Stick 4K presents Amazon a new model of its compact media player in commerce, which is now also dominated by 4K and HDR. Is the HDMI stick small more than the big Fire TV? We clarify that in our tests. For test reports

Both offers are valid until November 26. Those who offer on Amazon in the context of Cyber ​​Monday are still waiting for you, you will learn in the related article. In addition, we show the best Black Friday offers on our big overview page.

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Every day, retailers such as Media Markt, Amazon or Saturn come with countless offers. It's hard to track. Netzwelt regularly checks various dealer offers for you. We tell you whether and how much you really save on the bids being offered and whether the purchase of the device is valuable.

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You can find the current offer check below:

When shopping on the Internet but not only lurking bad deals on you, but sometimes cheats. Therefore, please note our tips for safe online shopping. In this particular case, you will learn, among other things, how to pay safely on the Internet. If you want to import goods from foreign online stores to Germany, see our special "Import Technology".

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