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Farmer looking for wife 2019: Michael launches video call

"Hello Carina, I have something to tell you …"

After Bauer Michael said, "See you later, Conny", it said "Hello again, Carina!" He really wanted to bring his beloved back to his farm. This 30-year-old man launches a video call with a blaze and tells him how the emotional world is. Right at the start, the 30-year-old farmer acknowledged his dream wife: "I made a big mistake."

Is Bauer Michael sure this time?

First he wanted it, then no more, but now Bauer Michael saw clearly: Carina was the woman of his dreams. "I also told Conny that I only thought of you or thought of you, and I sent her home," he confessed to Carina openly on the phone. The 30-year-old was honored, but at the beginning remained skeptical: "Are you really sure now, or will next week be different again?"

You are sure? More than that! Bauer Michael is "very, very sure" that he only wants Carina! And he also said that to her. A very, very important decision call with the lady of the heart and whether she softened can be seen in the video.

"Bauer sucht Frau" was previously streamed on TVNOW

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