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DEL: Kölner Haie against Schwenningen in the live ticker

Cologne –

The 12th game day at DEL is in the program. After a 3: 2 away win at a small Derby in Krefeld Cologne Haie wants to start from the bottom of the Wild Wings Schwenninger series and glorify them on Sunday in the big derby against Dusseldorf EC (Arena 14 / Arena Lanxess). Follow the match in our live ticker.

Kölner Haie – Schwenninger Wild Wings 0: 0 (0: 0 / -: – / – 🙂


28 minutes: Dumont tried it from the left Bully circle with a backhand, soon Kindl with a collision from the blue line. The second time can expel Strahlmeier. But sharks now find their way to solve more often.

27 minutes: On the other hand Schiemenz failed to Weitzmann. This game seems to require speed.

26th minute: Oblinger with a cross from the left, in front of goal Sill barely missed the chip.

25 minutes: Fischer came in third and pulled out of the right Bullykreis, Weitzmann argued. Also a few seconds later against MacQueen. Sharks always look for long passes on attack, but they don't arrive at all.

24th minute: But also the guests bring slices again and again to Hannibal Weitzmann's goals.

23 minutes: Oblinger won and came in front of the Wild Wings gate, but was prevented there in the end.

22nd minute: Aronson with a whirlwind from the blue line through traffic, Strahlmeier can fend off.

21 minutes: The situation is not resolved in the video, so the referee's decision remains: there is no purpose.

21 minutes: Tor Schwenningen? There is video evidence.

21 minutes: The shark is complete again.

21 minutes: The second third is under way. The number of sharks outnumbered for 4 seconds.

conclusion: The third is getting weak, especially from sharks. Only four shots on goal brought Mike Stewart's team at the visitors' gate. Schwenninger seems a little more directional, sharks have to climb more.

20 minutes: Guests do not bring much strength, still 30 seconds in this third.

19 minutes: Matsumoto roughly helped in the re-examination, he had two minutes of ice because of his high stick.

Punishment against Cologne's Matsumoto

17th minute: Dumont came with a lot of speed remaining to the third and tried it with his backhand, but that was no problem for Strahlmeier.

16th minute: It is near! Weitzmann had come out of the gate and then a peasant trick from Bourke appeared. Somehow the Cologne keeper returned and held the chip out of his own box.

15 minutes: Ugbekile is now with a shot from the blue line, which is deflected in front of goal – next to it.

14th minute: Schwenningen continues to look more diverse, but in hindsight, sharks understand it, after all, keeping the opponent as far away from goal as possible.

12th minute: Fischer with a shot from the blue line, which was still deflected dangerously, but passed through the gate. As a direct reply, Uvira with a chance-opponent and the first shot at the goal of the shark in this game.

Haiebank vs Schwenningen

Shark Bank in the match against Schwenningen

10 minutes: Large ice hockey is still waiting here. Overall, the game is rather tiring so far.

8th minute: Sharks are now better at playing and sometimes appear in a controlled manner.

6th minute: Slowly they wake up. Dumont came from the middle in a good position to shoot, but placed the next one next to the case. Then the KEC is stuck for a while and comes to another possibility.

5th minute: Nearly five minutes were played and the shark was still without a score.

3rd minute: So far the guests have made a better impression, sharks with too many mistakes in the structure.

1st minute: Weitzmann was shot straight away warmly, Bourke tried it from the left.

1st minute: Game is running!

Before the match: Before it starts, sharks honor their founding member Wim Hospelt, who died on Tuesday, with a minute's silence.

Before the match: After the victory at Krefeld awaits against Schwenningen the next dungeon duel on the shark. A home win against the bottom of the table is mandatory. On the one hand, KEC needs points to make connections to the playoffs directly, on the other hand one cannot test the patience of the fans. A week ago in a 1: 3 match against Augsburg, the atmosphere ended in the team for the first time. Before the match it was discovered that Gustaf Wesslau was injured during training and today failed. For him today Hannibal Weitzmann stands in his second season of the match between the poles.

Kölner Haie lineup:

In purpose: Weitzmann, Kucis (backup)

Row 1: Zerressen, D. Tiffels – M. Müller, Sill, Oblinger

Row 2: Ugbekile, Kindl – Dumont, Bast, Akeson

Third row: Aronson, Gagné – Hanowski, Matsumoto, Uvira

Row 4: F. Tiffels, Pfohl, Genoway

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