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Cologne / Carnival: cable tie attacks – video surveillance shows the truth


All Cologne celebrates the carnival begins on November 11, when a stranger allegedly attacks a man with a cable tie. A new statement from the victim now provides a very different view on this case.

  • that carnivalSeason opener on Cologne (11 November 2019) was overshadowed by bad incidents.
  • A man is taken by an unknown person with one cable connection attacked and strangled.
  • The Cologne Criminal Police decided – a surveillance video changes the case now completely.

November 15, 2019 update: This new type of violence shakes up not only the Cologne Carnival, which wants to celebrate the beginning of a stupid time on November 11: A stranger has a 22-year-old man from Trier in the frenzy of launching a carnival one Cable ties around the neck and tightened. Since 11:11. The police are searching for the unknown, the shock of the violence is severe.

Now it turns out: The Cologne cable tie attack might be a misdirected joke among friends. On Friday, the 22-year-old victim was again examined in Trier and with a personal surveillance video where the scene can be seen. He then loudly stated the police: The culprit was one of his best friends! Also, three other attacks on the same day have been reported.

There is no evidence that those involved in this incident were also responsible three other cable tie boxes to be responsible. With the man from Trier, the plastic tape was so tight that a doctor in a medical tent had to release him. Prosecutors have classified the case so far as a dangerous bodily injury.

Updates from November 13, 2019: After a cable tie attack, police investigated evidence about DNA and fingerprints. In addition, the researchers examined whether there was video material that could be evaluated for the incident.

Introduction Carnival: Not known for new violence? Doctors call frightening details

First notice, November 12, 2019:

Cologne – A 22-year-old boy from Trier just around 17 just a medical tent in Marsplatz in Cologne, police reported Cologne in a recent press release. The young man has one cable connection in the neck, which choked him. A stranger approached the 22-year-old man from behind, then put a plastic ribbon around his neck and pulled him. A doctor frees the stranger before something bad happens.

Cable tie attacks in Cologne: a noose is pulled at the neck

During the course of the investigation, the attending doctor explained that the cable tie had been pulled so tightly around the neck that in his estimation the head circulation was restricted.

It was not the first cable tie attack in Cologne on Monday! The paramedics explained according to the detective, that there was a similar case in Cologne early Monday morning. However, a loose cable tie around his neck.

In addition, there are indications of two other cases, which were not taken seriously by witnesses.

Cable tie attack in Cologne: police

The police explicitly pointed out that this procedure was a first offense it is action dangerous bodily injury get to one attempted murder attack succeeded can.

In connection with the cable tie attack, the police asked the victim and further witnesses to report immediately. The person who can be contacted is Criminalommissariat 51, telephone number 0221 229-0.

Corpse found on Rhine in Cologne: The identity of the dead is a mystery to the police. Now the publication of unusual images brings changes.


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