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Bulgaria – England: greetings to Hitler and monkey cry to Sterling and Co.

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Greetings Hitler and the monkey's call to England

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Racism scandal in Bulgaria against Britain

In the European Championship qualifiers, England have made an away win over Bulgaria. The Bulgarian racist incident made the results but a small problem. According to England coach Southgate, the match was almost over.

The England national team won 6-0 in Bulgaria – but the match was overshadowed by an ugly racist scene. Especially Raheem Sterling is being abused badly, to the point of being disturbed.

S.the portlich was a great night for the British national football team in Bulgaria. With 6: 0 swept their "Three Lions" opponents in Sofia from that place and rehabilitating themselves after the 1: 2 defeat against Tschechien on Friday. However, the atmosphere is not good, because the game is overshadowed by incidents that are unsightly.

Already in the press for the press in the British press were concerns about the possibility of racism from the Bulgarian audience on the right: The match had to be interrupted twice, because Bulgaria in Hitler's audience saluted and the English striker Raheem Sterling was infested with monkey calls. The Manchester City striker, who has been racially attacked in England in the past, is ridiculed and insulted at every contact.

Bulgarian hooligans show respect for Hitler

Bulgarian hooligans show respect for Hitler

Source: Getty Images / Catherine Ivill

Raheem Sterling (front) from England in action against Kamen Hadzhiev from Bulgaria

Raheem Sterling (front) from England in action against Kamen Hadzhiev from Bulgaria

Source: dpa / Vadim Ghirda

After England captain Harry Kane complained at the request of his dark-skinned teammate Tyrone Mings to Croatian referee Ivan Duck in the 28th minute, he stopped the game for several minutes. After a speech by the stadium announcer, the match continued, only to be disturbed again in the 43rd minute, when Bulgaria continued.

Bulgaria fought the Nazis against Britain during the Second World War

British fans who accompanied him responded by singing the national anthem "God Save The Queen", in which Bulgarian supporters raised their hands again to pay homage to Hitler. Especially members of the radical "Lauta Army" hooligan group are behind insults. Bulgaria fought in the Second World War by a military dictatorship that ruled alongside the Nazi Axis powers of Germany and Italy against Britain and the US, but not against the Soviet Union.

Meanwhile, Sterling responded to abuse in his own way: he scored two goals after two interruptions, making a significant contribution to bringing Bulgarian soccer players to England. After the match he wrote in twitterhe felt sorry for Bulgaria for being "represented by idiots in their stadium."

Teammate Mings, who was also verbally abused, added on British television: "We decided together in the first round to let our football talk." Bulgaria has no chance of qualifying for the European Championship as a result of defeat – unlike Kosovo, who also play in the group.

Balakov denies verbal abuse

Before the match in Sofia, the Bulgarian president said that there was no racism problem in his country – and coach Krassimir Balakov, who had managed to be active at VfB Stuttgart, said there were more racists in England than in Bulgaria. After the match Balakov followed: "I've never heard of harassment, unacceptable behavior only comes from British fans, who scoff at our Bulgarian songs and then insult our fans," he said in a TV interview.

Team captain Ivelin Popov, on the other hand, appeared very different: he was looking for half-time talks with supporters and asking them to refrain from harassment.

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