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Bomb disposal in Frankfurt Gallus: evacuation in Corona condition in progress


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12,800 people fled their homes in Gallusviertel Frankfurt due to World War II bombs. It is unclear when the taming will end in corona condition.

  • One will be at the Gallusviertel Frankfurt World War Bombs was found.
  • How long the taming process will take is uncertain.
  • Evacuation becomes difficult Corona conditions.

+++ 12.20 nights: The taming is planned for this Sunday 500 kilogram bombe from WWII in Frankfurt can take up to six hours. “If it goes well, it works out in an hour, but it could also take longer,” said the mayor of Frankfurt. Peter Feldmann (SPD) when visiting a refugee care center at a Frankfurt exhibition hall.

Above all, the fragmentation effect of British air bombs with mechanical detonators was classified as extremely dangerous. It is not yet known when the actual taming could begin on Sunday afternoon. “First, we need information from the police that the entire area has been cleared,” said a fire department spokesman.

Bomb found in Frankfurt Gallus: Corona makes evacuation difficult

Frankfurt – The shelter by over 12,000 people for taming on Thursday im Frankfurt Gallus World War bombs can be more difficult and expensive than usual due to the corona pandemic. Citizens who have tested positive or are in first-degree contact and are entering quarantine must be evacuated separately. According to the health department, there are several cases of individuals who have been contacted by telephone. People who test positive are picked up at home by the health department, treated at a suitable location and taken home after the taming process is complete.

500 kilo bomb in Frankfurt: defamation planned for Sunday

Bomb weighing 500 kilograms of Second World War discovered while working on a construction pit on Kleyerstrasse. The taming is planned for Sunday. As the fire department announced, an evacuation radius of around 700 meters was needed due to the quantity of explosives and the design of the British-type bomb. According to citizen registration statistics, around 12,800 residents were affected.

Bomb disposal

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There are also in the evacuation area All the time, some other special objects such as district heating, internet hubs and substations and Deutsche Bahn central facilities. Everyone living within the evacuation radius should have left their homes by 8am on Sunday. The police would then go to the streets and check that there were no more people in the area.

Bomb evacuation in Frankfurt: a care center for those affected

A care center with a suitable hygiene concept will be established at Messe Frankfurt for all affected persons unable to find a place to live during the taming process. You can visit the premises in Hall 11 (entrance to “Straße der Nations”) independently on Sundays from 7am. Shuttle buses can be used if necessary.

People with limited walking ability who live in hazardous areas and require transportation to a care center should register online at or by calling the citizen hotline on 21/06/21 11 at 6pm on a Saturday at the latest. The firefighters also announced that due to the estimated high number of shuttles, Sunday pick-ups would still take place after 8am. It is unclear exactly when the taming could begin.

The protection zone is also adjacent to the evacuation area. The so-called air protection behavior applies to this address. Meaning: Apartments, houses or workplaces can no longer be left there after 8am. Do not stay in the window area, glass doors, terraces and balconies. Windows and doors must be kept closed. The precautions will also lead to more severe restrictions in car traffic as well as long-distance and local traffic. Deutsche Bahn explained that the ICE trains from Berlin bound for Stuttgart and Switzerland and from Hamburg towards Munich would not stop at the main stations. Instead, they will drive to Frankfurt-Süd. Information on this is available online at or via pay phone travel information 0180/699 66 33.

Bombs in Frankfurt: failures on buses and trains from RMV and VGF

Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund indicated that there will be partial cancellations and diversions on the following lines on Sundays from 8am: trams 11, 14 and 21; S-Bahn S1, S2, S7, S8, S9 and regional trains RE2, RE3, RE4, RB10, RB12, RE14, RE70. Bus line 52 is suspended.

Anyone traveling by car or bicycle should note that parts of the Mainzer Landstrasse and Gutleutstrasse east of the A5 will be closed. Parts of Main’s northern edge between Europabrücke and Main-Neckar-Brücke were also affected.

Current information published on The city of Frankfurt, fire and police also posted on Twitter:,,

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