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Dortmund (dpa) – Kungfu parade and Oliver Kahn's neck bite, Lothar Matthäus's crying movement against Andreas Möller and valid card tickets to date: The duel between FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund is always good emotions.

And also for an unforgettable and sporty match: a duel in a title battle, a Cup final and even a Champions League final. The German Press Agency looks back at the most important duel:

August 9, 1986: Bayern and BVB meet on Matchday 1 with each other. The BVB striker Frank Mill, the world champion, ran himself more than a few meters into the empty goal, stumbled and shot the ball into the post. Mill is disturbed by the fact that he always draws attention to the scene. "I have to be fooled in every corner, even by my own teammates," he said.

April 19, 1997: From a pretty interesting 1: 1 in Dortmund remains Schmarmützel between two 90s world champions Lothar Matthäus and Andreas Möller. By removing imaginary tears, Matthew signaled that he saw Möller as whiny, after which he reached for his face. Matthew later claimed that it was not personal, but also said about Möller: "You know, he is a player who does not tolerate violence well."

April 3, 1999: Top games such as against the BVB motivated by Bayern goalkeeper Oliver Kahn are always special. On this April, he seems to be crazy. First he tried to bite BVB striker Heiko Herrlich in the neck, then he jumped in a kung-fu way to the stunned BVB striker, Stephane Chapuisat. Kahn later stated that he was under pressure for criticism and after a clean sheet had flown the "kettle cap".

April 7, 2001: This hot match in Dortmund lasts to this day, a Bundesliga record for most cards in a match. Referee Hartmut Strampe shows Dortmund Evanilson and Munich Stefan Effenberg in every red case and Bayern professional Bixente Lizarazu was yellow-red and also ten yellow cards. "At some point, I feel that the player is no longer responding to the card," Strampe then said.

November 9, 2002: BVB goalkeeper Jens Lehmann flies off the field, but BVB cannot change. So the striker as high as 2.02 m, Jan Koller went into the goal. 24 minutes – and without clean sheets. The kicker called him to the elf that day. As a goalkeeper, of course. Koller also scored 1: 0 for BVB, losing at Munich still with 1: 2.


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