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Bauer sucht Frau (RTL): Julia von Jungbauer Patrick is pregnant? Finally he broke the long silence

Farmers looking for a woman: Is Julia (24) from young farmer Patrick Romer (24) from Oberdorf am Bodensee pregnant? Finally the woman from Munich broke her old silence.

Obderdorf – The most wanted young farmer in “Bauer sucht Frau” with the presenter Inka Bause will be the next to apply for the dome show get a lawyer. According to information from Patrick Romer extratipp.com has said about his participation in “Bauer sucht Frau” (here on the topic page) on social networks.

“The farmer is looking for a wife”: Patrick Romer is the most wanted farmer of all time

That handsome young farmer from Oberdorf (Langenargen District, 800 inhabitants) are side farmers. As well as a cow nursery, 35 acres of pasture, 35 Scottish highland cows and a dog, the 24-year-old is studying industrial engineering. In season 16, Patrick received more applications than the previous “Bauer sucht Frau” candidate – the program has been in RTL since 2005.

Is Julia (24) from young farmer Patrick Romer (24) from Oberdorf am Bodensee pregnant?


“Farmer is looking for a wife”: Patrick Romer is said to be “very annoying”.

Just when that goes well for Patrick Romer, an insider who allegedly reveals about the Bachelor farmer. Cattle breeders are said to have signed up for the dome show simply because the stakes were losing. other than that: She is said to have cheated on her ex-boyfriend – several times. And on Facebook a mother wrote that her best friend’s daughter knew her personally and Patrick Romer is said to be “very corrosive”.

“Farmers are looking for a wife”: Julia von Jungbauer Patrick is pregnant?

As if the heinous accusations against the young farmers from Bavaria weren’t enough, further rumors are now circulating through the network: Julia from Munich is said to be pregnant by Patrick (extratipp.com reported). In the sixth episode on Monday, the couple sparked rumors of pregnancy. The couple is seen in his father’s business. When Julia said she could imagine living with Patrick, the cattle rancher shouted: “Now all that’s missing is a crib for the first child.

Julia posted this photo on her Instagram story and explained: Not pregnant.


“Bauer sucht Frau”: Julia denies pregnancy on Instagram

Some of Julia’s more than 12,000 followers on Instagram even want to find a tiny baby bump at 24. Now Julia finally breaks her long silence over the rumors and clarifies in her Insta story: “One of the most common questions today: No, I’m not pregnant. It’s too good a place. “

Julia explained: She was not pregnant by Patrick from u / extratipp_com

It remains unclear whether Julia is still with Patrick Romer or not. Neither Patrick nor the residents of Munich posted their own photos of each other after filming for “Bauer sucht Frau” was finished. The two of them only published press photos from RTL on Instagram. However, it was unclear whether RTL prohibited attendees from providing personal information and photos before the broadcast ended so as not to take tension off the show.

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