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Asteroid: Danger to Earth – NASA uses radical measures – Other


Asteroid racing towards Earth: NASA uses radical action

Asteroid walks to earth. (Icon)

Asteroid walks to earth. (Icon)

Photo: imago image / Science Photo Library

This is a scenario that many people know from disaster films. a asteroid threatening the earth, threatening to extinguish humanity. This is a scenario where humanity, despite all the technological possibilities, seems to be relatively powerless.

The European Space Agency ESA warns against "2019 SU3" only in October. this asteroid could hit Earth in 2084. The consequences are uncertain.

On the ESA risk list pushes asteroid just a few weeks ago to fourth place, because the likelihood of its impact was very high with one to 152. However, recently, the Space Agency classified the asteroid "2019 SU3" very differently.

Asteroids run towards Earth: how will it end?

ESA now gives everything clear again to all inhabitants of the world. Because now the planet is no longer on the list of risks. The danger of a possible impact is very low, because asteroids only have a relatively small diameter of about 15 meters.

This means that if he really crashes, he might get burned into the Earth's atmosphere because of its size, rather than crashing.

"2019 SU3" revolves around the earth

Even the exact date of the collision might have previously been announced by ESA. On September 16, 2084, the asteroid was estimated to be approaching Earth to 120,000 kilometers.


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Until then, "2019 SU3" orbited the earth, visiting the orbits of Venus, Mercury and Mars.

Gravity changes the trajectory

The gravity of these planets will further affect the asteroid's trajectory. The direction in which he was directed is not clear so far. According to ESA, he at least no longer takes the path on our planet.

You can see a list of ESA risks >>> here <<<.


This is an asteroid:

  • Asteroids are rocks and metal clumps
  • They circle the sun in a regular path
  • Many of them can be found in the "asteroid belt" between Mars and Jupiter trains
  • Occasionally two asteroids collide, causing debris and debris
  • Some debris approached the earth


Asteroids fly over northern Germany

Only in September, asteroids were seen in Europe and northern Germany. Around 400 people from various European countries have seen "fireballs" and heard loud explosions, confirming the phenomenon of the European Space Agency (ESA).


Danger of asteroids in the film:

  • The danger of asteroids is a popular subject in disaster films
  • Especially at the turn of the millennium, such a scenario has a kind of boom in Hollywood films
  • Nowadays films like "Armageddon" (1998) or "Deep Impact" (1998)
  • But also long before such films were popular, known for example the film "Meteor" from 1979


Many sightings came from the Netherlands, but also from northern Germany. According to ESA, it is a natural object that enters the Earth's atmosphere in the Oldenburg / Bremen region and then breaks. "We are pretty sure it is a small asteroid," Esa expert Detlef Koschny said Friday. He estimated the size of objects with a diameter of one to two meters.

Asteroid: How do you stop it?

NASA and ESA have been thinking for some time about how to ward off the effects of asteroids. As reported by "mirror", there was a kind of simulation game in May, where experts passed the launch.

"We take threats very seriously. And simulation games like this help us prepare for such an event. It's like a fire alarm, you have to practice," said ESA mathematician, Rüdiger Jehn, the magazine.

Nuclear weapons will not be practical

Therefore, the most appropriate way to stop asteroids is not to kill, for example, with nuclear weapons – as is known from Hollywood films such as "Armageddon" – but attacks with major investigations. The impact of this can then change the crucial asteroid trajectory.

NASA is now taking this step together with the European Space Agency's drastic steps and wants to change the asteroid's trajectory for the first time. In early 2022, a test device had to hit an asteroid at high speed. Find out more here -> (vh)

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