Ashe's new hero can now be played at PTR


At BlizzCon 2018 Overwatch's new hero was officially introduced. Ashe can now be played on Overwatch PTR.

Ashe, West Ganovin: Ashe is presented with the new "Old Acquaintance" cinema at BlizzCon. This can also be played at PTR since Monday, November 5 at around 9:20.

Ashe is an old acquaintance of McCree's hero and the leader of the famous Deadlock Gang. Who is actually Ashe and what he can learn in our article.


Ashe in PTR – leather and sticky notes

Revised hero and new UI: Along with Ashe a new patch appeared on Overwatch PTR. This is united with Ashe's new hero only changes at UI. The "Unlock All" option in the Heroes Gallery has been disabled.

Overwatch Ashe's new hero 2 titles

Ashe Skin: Ashe also got some direct skin donations. He currently has four rare, two epic and two legendary skins. This is how they look like:

As usual, rare skin is just another color from Ashe's usual attitude.

Ashe's epic skin has a little more detail. The logo on Bob's back and Viper Ashe is changing.

Legendary Gangster and Mafia skins make Ashe a true mafia with trouser suits.

Jungle and Safari make Ashe an adventurer in a ranger and jungle gun hat.

When does Ashe come to the server directly? Experience shows that such a test takes several weeks. BlizzCon's last announcement about a hero, Moira, can be played 10 days after the PTR release.

Ashe can come about two weeks on the server directly. We consider Tuesday, 13 or 20 November as the release date.

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After Ashe came 6 more heroes, who were already in planning. We already know one of them.


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