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Analysts expect a power struggle between Tesla and Ford

Ford introduced the Mustang Mach-E on November 18. (Image: Ford)

Ford has not officially presented its electric SUV Mustang Mach-E. However, Credit Suisse believes that its competitors Tesla and Model 3 will weigh on the market share next year.

On Sunday, Ford wants to bring a highly anticipated electric SUV. The Mach-E, previously hailed as the legendary Mustang, now officially bears the name of the Mustang. Although Ford will bring the Mustang Mach-E perhaps only in the fall of 2020 in the US, Canada and Europe in trade, some analysts are worried about the impact that might have on successful industry leaders Tesla and Model 3.

Tesla currently has an 80 percent market share in the electric car market in the US, said the financial institution Credit Suisse on Thursday. But this unique position is being seriously threatened by Ford and its Mach-E, especially in the US, CNBC quoted Credit Suisse analyst Dan Levy. Tesla, said Levy, can now take advantage of this clear advantage of competition. If Tesla but continues to have problems in manufacturing, logistics and service delivery, this unique opportunity will pass, analysts warned in a letter to investors.

Before Mach-E-Start: Did Tesla use his chance?

And Credit Suisse seems to have little hope that Tesla will take this opportunity. Because financial houses predict the share of pioneers of e-cars – at least passively – downturns. Credit Suisse analysts rated Tesla's paper as "less severe" in its rating system, which serves as a recommendation for investors. Therefore the target price is US $ 200. This is 40 percent below the current Tesla share price. Overall, this paper goes into analysts, according to Bloomberg data on eleven buy and nine hold recommendations. 16 analysts suggest selling.

Whether the Mustang Mach-E really becomes a successful model for Ford certainly depends on many factors. However, the E-SUV certainly has some positive prerequisites on paper. Thus, the Stromer must be able to cover more than 480 kilometers with a load. Even the 600 kilometer version should be working. Priced Ford might be based on an upcoming Tesla Model Y competitor and call between 50,000 and 70,000 dollars. Certain attraction effects, especially in the US, are likely the name Mustang, which is included in the brand name.

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