Aids-Hilfe Schweiz and the TKF campaign against discrimination against AIDS sufferers


Every year on December 1, World AIDS Day reminds us of HIV / AIDS. The aim of Aids-Hilfe Schweiz and the TKF Communication and Design institute is to make people aware without threats or morality, but in a positive, sympathetic, and relaxed manner. Fear, prejudice and discrimination against HIV-positive people but compassion and understanding make Emojis strong. Like poster and film motifs.

Campaigns with three subjects will be on display, digital screens and posters from the end of November 2018.

Responsible for Aids-Hilfe Schweiz: Andreas Lehner (Managing Director), Fabienne Tschanz (Project Manager). Responsible at TKF: Alexander F├╝rer, Tim Stockmar, Matthias Eberle (Creation) and Sandra Sigrist (Consultation).


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