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Women's Rugby. Despite strong resistance, France was late against England

After a frustrating defeat last week at Clermont, XV de France's daughter bowed again against English Exeter (17-15). The Bleues, who held the victory, were guilty of mistakes at the end of the game which allowed England to score a winning attempt. A terrible disappointment for France that hasn't yet made a full match.

After frustration from Clermont and a raging defeat, XV from feminine France had the chance to catch up and get revenge at Exeter, against XV of the Rose. But that is not the case.

XV French women approaching achievements in England, bowing on Saturday (17-15) at Exeter, a week after the first defeat (20-10) at Clermont-Ferrand. The French women thought they had done the most difficult thanks to two experiments by Laure Sansus (25) and Caroline Boujard (65) but most were at the forefront who dominated, especially in a closed scrum, but permission that was missed in the second minute before the end offered a dream revival to England which has taken over the essay by Lydia Thompson (79).

Morgane Peyronnet can blame herself: the French opener has relinquished his permission to the foot that lands directly on the English arm, while all the French are on the right side of the ground where the ball is located. It was almost no more than a minute and Blue took their revenge (15-12). But England did not miss the great opportunity to register in the end, in a clear order, their only test in the match.

The blue one above

With tears in his eyes, The Blue, who has so far been very good in defense, can regret this fatal error but also the 5 points (1 penalty and 1 transformation) that striker Jessy Trémoulière had passed before. As well as their indiscipline, which allowed England to remain in the match thanks to 4 penalties. If not, Annick Hayraud's players are above. And it is very logical that they opened the scoring with a Trémoulière penalty (22), then scored their first try on a kick to follow Sansus. Half close range beats England's two rebounds to allow his team to make the first gap (8-0).

Swept away in February at Doncaster (41-26) by the same opponents, France thought to hold their first win in the Strait since 2015 after the Boujard test, scoring the closed team score after a good scrum and two against negotiations which were well negotiated by Sansus. Even more so when Zoe Aldcroft accepts the yellow color for an unlawful opening at Gaëlle Hermet (74th).

But France was then rejected: the first touch was lost on their throw (75th), an inevitable yellow card for Romane Menager (76th) until the release was doomed. Overall performance, better than the previous week at Auvergne, however, can look forward to beautiful things for the tournament.

> Rugby XV of the French feminine bend faces English realism

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Saturday, November 16


Women's Rugby – Test Match English – French: 17-15


Thank you all for taking part in the meeting directly on our site. We wish you a good ending today.


Disappointment for French women:

4:05 a.m.

'80 End at Sandy Park! The Blue missed the end of the meeting and bowed again to face England.


80 ' The test was not changed but will not change anything.


79 'Essay for Anglais ice! It's terrible, Peyronnet misses its legs by not letting go far enough. English is recovering and only needs to shift right. 17-15


'Super recovery' French women in their 22nd. At 3 minutes from the end of this match, Scrum will be played.

3:59 p.m.

'Yellow card for Menager is guilty of offside. French women make too many mistakes.


'Britain does not abdicate and continues to multiply attacks.

3:56 a.m.

'74 The ball is lost by Blue when touched. The first meeting.

3:55 a.m.

'Aldcroft was fired for committing an offense. England will finish the match at 14.

3:54 p.m.

74'A player Rose is guilty of high contact with France captain Hermet.

3:52 a.m.

'73 The Blues who cleaned their feet, underwent another British attack without fail. The game is stopped, the referee from the meeting asks for a video.


'71 The French defense did not crack and despite repeated attacks England returned and eventually stole the ball.


70 It's a melee for Rose's players.


70 'Les Bleues takes the ball out of the opponent. But a new hand offense makes the ball to the opponent today.


68 ' England played well and came out very quickly from the commotion. After several passes, the French women made a mistake. Touch found by the British.


67 ' The game is stopped for a few moments. Scrum is playing for England in their camp.


65 'Transformation exam! Blue is in front! 12-15


'Two British players have a telescope. One of them is still on the ground with a doctor. Concussion protocols involved.


65 ' Try Boujard! Out of the Scrum Boujard is well served on the right at the edge of the touch and just ask for the ball. 12-13


64 ' Scrum finally speaks English but French takes over and gets the ball! What a show of strength to Scrum!


62 ' Sansus tried to kick Boujard on the right. It is passed by a little but there are advantages. The new Scrum is 5 meters high.


61 'Melee for the Blue at 22. They pushed very hard and rolled back the English block. French women are getting closer to the test.


59 'This applies to Roses! English takes small advantage. 12-8


58 ' France defended right in front of their lines and guilty of new violations. England took 3 points right in front of the post.


56 ' Rose's players hurt Blue and didn't let go of the ball. They won the meter by rejecting the game. There was a penalty allowing them to find touches at 22.


55 ' This time it was the British woman who won the Scrum in the midline.


55 'Traoré enters the match and replaces Joyeux.


54 & # 39; Passing in front of the French defense creates space that England uses very well. But committed attackers, mixed for Blue.

3:23 p.m.

53 ' Punishment for England who found touch in number 22.


52 ' Rose's players have significantly accelerated the game, they made a greater impact and penetrated Blue's defense which remained solid.


51 'Vernier was replaced by Bourdon.


50 ' Once again, the English girls talked about their collective play and pushed back the French block. Luckily with the excellent tackles, France can be a touch.


48 ' French women who are very strong on the battlefield win the offense and choose points. But the penalty was missed.


'Too bad! Through France which is passed between Boujard and Boudaud. England almost counterattacked. Riots to follow.


45 'What Vernier's work crosses most fields of English! The Blue is close to the goal.


'Penalty Changed! The British women returned to the front. 9-8


42 'England are in 22 France and find a penalty in front of the pole!


40 'Back to Sandy Park!


40 'It's halftime at Exeter! France are ahead at the break but have seen progress reduced to having only 2 points in England.


40 + 2 Scarratt reduces the distance a little before half-time. 6-8


40 + 1 ' England is recovering the remaining mistakes as profits. They will look for 3 points to the foot.


40 ' England still hasn't lost the ball and is getting close to the goal.

2:52 a.m.

38 ' A maul is placed by Blue at the end of a touch. But they eventually lost the ball and came under pressure from England.


37 ' England pushed very hard at the end of the first half. The Frenchman is strong and does not want to let him go before returning to the locker room.


36 ' What Vernier has handled has supported his opponent at least 4 meters.


35 '(C) Scarratt goal opportunity gets the chance to start and score their first points. 3-8


34 ' An advantage of hissing in favor of English. They chose three points.


33 & # 39; What a mistake Peyronnet made on the release being countered. English is close to the destination.


31 & # 39; Losing a new English ball, letting the ball in with a bad touch. The Blue will be able to breathe a little.


29 'England get up and start making a bigger impact! They recovered a penalty in the 30m but were unsuccessful for Scarratt.


25 'Essay for France! For the individual actions of Sansus, the English were guilty. France is used alone on foot, England is on the ball which is on the ground but does not provide enough energy. Sansus clicks his feet to take the ball in front of goal and finishes it without difficulty.

Transformation failed. 0-8


20 'penalty is transformed! Opening score for France. 0-3


20 'Hermet is affected. On one key he climbed very high but was hit in the air. The fall is heavy, a penalty for France.


18 ' XV of the Rose holds the ball, but French pressure prevents the attack from being effective.


17 'Oh, how hot! England almost scored the first try of the match, but stuck well at the end, Scarrat failed to level the ball on the ground. Be careful to be more vigilant.


15 ' The untouched English created a super maul that was difficult for France to overcome.


14 ' Big battle in the middle. Physically France is very fit, they have the advantage in riots.


11 ' Property jostled by visitors, England finally ended in a good passing game in their goal and managed to make a counter on the other side of the field.


10 'France on the edge of the goal! Unfortunately, only inches from the goal, the Blue is guilty of the attacker in front. English Scrum is coming.


9 Blue attack! Very good collective movement that is close to the side lines.


8 ' The Blue Curtain was installed properly and rolled back the English beams. France is good at their game.

2:18 a.m.

7 ' The order played on both sides but eventually England came forward and found fault. English touch.


6 ' French women in Maul are penalized. England restored Scrum, the second.


5 ' Stop volleyball is given to the Englishman who appears. The key comes for Blue.


4 ' English package approved, riot collapsed. Les Bleues can start with your hands.


3 'First Scrum with 30m English.


1 'The Rose girls are very aggressive and have already endangered the French defense.


1 Let's go! Kick-off is given by the British.


The players enter the field! Place it to the hymn.


French woman before returning to the locker room:


Starting from the match that will soon happen:


The meeting took place at Exeter at Sandy Park in England. It's never easy to beat English at home.


France took revenge after their defeat against the same team in England last week. He will be eager to erase the mistakes of the first match to show the strength of this team.


Blue Composition:


Hello everyone and welcome to this live rugby match, the match between England and France.

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