Wearing a veil, French first name, dual citizenship … Shock proposal from LR MP


DECORATION RIGHTS – Julien Aubert, MP LR from Vaucluse, published with her micro party "Dare France" a booklet containing 18 proposals on Islam in France, which had become controversial. He is a LCI guest to talk about it.

56 pages that are already a lot noisy. The LR representative from Vaucluse and the Republican Deputy Secretary General, Julien Aubert, published a book containing 18 proposals on Islam. Among them: that candidates for French nationality add to their identity the name "adapted to national culture", but also widening the prohibition on wearing headscarves.

In "Tricolor's book on Islam (s) France", Julien Aubert considers that the "culture and civilization" aspect of Islam "raises more problems with national culture" than strict religious aspects. Parliamentarians, opposed to the "multiculturalist concept" of society, "assume to maintain a position that supports the assimilation of the republic".

Imposing a name from the French calendar

To pretend to French nationality, Julien Aubert suggested "to force them to have at least one of their names chosen among people from different French calendars, and people from famous characters from national history". In short, names that are "more adapted to national culture". Asked by David Pujadas about this issue on Friday at LCI, Julien Aubert ensured that the motive was only "to facilitate integration".

His words clearly reminded Eric Zemmour, who at the end of September had sparked a heated debate by telling columnist Hapsatou Sy that his name was "an insult to France" for him. Julien Aubert assured that she had taken this idea since early 2012, where she had "explained it[‘il] think that the name is a way to integrate. "He regretted that the controversy that Zemmour had" killed the cause ".

Prohibiting the use of veils for minors

About veils, Julien Aubert advocates prohibitions in all public institutions, including universities and public companies. He proposed to allow it on the road, but only if the police had the possibility "to order someone to delete it".

Then, members expressed disagreement about the use of veils by minors. He cited the Jordanian study, which stated that it could "have an impact on their physical development", with "vitamin D deficiency" and "hair loss if prolonged".

This booklet, Julien Aubert is not the only one who wears it since it was published in the name of her party "Dare France". A political party "Gaullist" in the words of the deputy. Laurent Wauquiez, whose representative from Vaucluse was near, had not made an official statement regarding the proposal of the deputy secretary general.


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