Using this expression Emmanuel Macron “let go” thought policeman Xavier Bertrand


Xavier Bertrand, president of various rights in Hauts-de-France. – FRANCOIS GREUEZ / SIPA

Xavier Bertrand, former president of LR in the Hauts-de-France region, on Sunday condemned the “unforgivable” mistake of Emmanuel Macron who, he said, “let go of the police” by agreeing to talk about “police violence”. The Republican president admitted on Friday that there was “violence by police officers”, a phrase he said was preferred over “police violence”, which he said had become a “slogan”.

“I have no problem repeating the term police violence, but I deconstruct it”, because “it has become a slogan for people with political projects. There are police officers who commit violence “and” should be punished “, he told Brut online media, referring specifically to the assault of a black producer by several police officers. “I am surprised that the President of the Republic repeats this statement”, criticizing France 3 candidates who may be entitled to the presidential election in 2022.

“The challenge of the authorities in our country is enough! “

“If there are police who commit violence, if there are racist police, they should be held accountable for their actions and punished, but let people think that entire institutions may be responsible for engaging in it. Violence is a mistake,” he complained. “What the President said The Republican the other day is unforgivable, he has no right to let go of the police, “he added, stressing that” This is not the first time “, given the precedent for the Angouleme Festival in January 2020 in which the president posed with designer Jul while holding a T-shirt symbolizing police violence.

“When the Head of State does not support those who defend the State, who defend the Republic, it can no longer work”, complained Xavier Bertrand. “We have a mirror-like president who sends everyone back what he wants to hear, a Republican President cannot change his belief depending on the interlocutor,” he criticized. “The challenge of the authorities in our country is enough! », He concluded.

The two main peacekeeping unions, Alliance and Unity SGP, on Saturday called for a halt to identity checks after another statement Friday by Emmanuel Macron, still in Brut, condemned facial checks and discrimination.


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