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These signs may betray the presence of lung cancer


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Sometimes, some signs of cancer are not considered by those affected. Specialists include lung cancer symptoms that need attention, from coughing to weight loss.

In most cases, lung cancer does not manifest at an early stage, according to the portal Medicforum. However, experts recommend paying special attention to symptoms that might indicate tumor development.

Difficulty in breathing and coughing is one of the first reasons to consult a doctor. In many cases, patients tend to regard these signs as simple flu.

Other symptoms include persistent hoarseness, swelling of the neck and face, shortness of breath, chest pain when breathing, night sweats, and sudden weight loss.

Atypical symptoms can sometimes indicate lung cancer: bone pain in the lower body, osteoporosis, thickening of the fingertips and nails, and fat deposits around the midsection.

Experts point out that the signs listed do not always indicate the development of tumors in the body, but indicate the need for a medical examination.

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