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the pain is no longer death

World Day Against Pain occurs on October 14, 2019. Migraine, Operative Pain, Fibromyalgia, Lower Back Pain, Chronic Pain … Pain is shaped differently, which makes treatment sometimes difficult. What are the different types of pain and new drug directions?

More than 12 million French people suffer sick chronic, according to the French Society for the Study and Treatment of Pain (SFETD). The pain remains a complex multifactorial phenomenon, with very varied expressions from one patient to another, which makes it difficult to treat. Therefore, chronic pain is related to many things pathologyas rheumatoid arthritis. fibromyalgia, that multiple sclerosis, that Crohn's disease or cancer.

But in many patients, classic analgesics asaspirin, thatibuprofen and paracetamol still ineffective. Not to mention that this drug is harmless to take in large doses: Paracetamol, for example, is toxic to the liver and aspirin significantly increase the risk of bleeding. They can even attend effects similar to endocrine disorders.

Level 2 painkillers (derived from morphine and others opioid) in turn fire criticism in the last few months. In the United States, opioid use has caused more than 300,000 overdose deaths since 2000. Since 2017 in France, drugs containing codeine have only been prescribed because they are responsible for addiction. physical.

Progress in understanding pain

In recent years, researchers have discovered new mechanisms that underlie pain. In August 2019, new organs that are sensitive to painful stimuli found under the skin. In brain. a cytokine that binds to certain receptors of sensory neurons has been identified as a cause of chronic pain. Researchers at Stanford University found in the amygdala, a pair of nuclei at the base of the brain, specific neurons which associates unpleasant sensations with pain signals. In fibromyalgiathis genetic mutation that changes serotonin production who can get involved.

What opened up a new avenue for pain treatment. A 2016 study has shown thatthirty neurons barely set releaseoxytocin in the brain, which reduces pain. Targeting these neurons appropriately will limit the side effects of treatment analgesic. In migraine, new drug Targeting a neuropeptide called CGRP has recently been clinically tested and proven effective … But only in women.

More amazingly, new painkillers can also come from … venom or fish. Not to mention alternative approaches, like marijuana, that yoga, Sophrology, meditation or therapy behavior. According to a study by the University of Münster, even sex will be effective against migraine symptoms !

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