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The judges have completed their investigation


Troadec family home, in Orvault, near Nantes. – F.Brenon / 20minutes

Judges Nantes have informed the end of a judicial investigation into the Troadec family murders in February 2017 in Orvault (Loire-Atlantique) that opened the way for trial, we studied Sunday from a close source from the file.

"Two investigating judges were seized Thursday, November 14 at the end of the judicial inquiry, the parties have one month to submit a request for additional action and the trial must be held at the end of 2020", we learned from sources close to the file. according to Ocean Pressthe psychiatrists who examined the suspect assumed that his judgment was "changed" at the time of the material.

The murder weapon was never found

Hubert Caouissin, a former state worker at the Brest armory, without a criminal record, admitted in March 2017 the murders of Pascal and Brigitte Troadec, 49, and their two children, aged 21 and 18 years, at their home. , was killed with a kick, which has never been found, against the background of a legacy war.

He claimed to have cut them up and then removed the bodies, burned them in an oven or buried them in his property in Pont-de-Buis-lès-Quimerch (Finistère), where he lived with his son and his partner Lydie. Troadec. Human remains – but not skulls – were found on this vast and isolated property, which allowed the identification of four victims and offered them a funeral.

Hubert Caoussin was charged with murder and placed in pre-trial detention. His colleague Lydie Troadec was charged with "modification of the circumstances in which the crime occurred" and "hiding the body", and was placed under court control.

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